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Exactly 1 week left

Fightin’ Fungi Kickstarter is entered in its last week. A lot of stuff is achieved. But I want this too! If the backers number would be 200 or more, this miniature is available and free. He is an halfling truffle hunter, Andrea Underoot, and his trusty pig mount, Davey Snoutbottom.


Kickstarter: only 9 days left

Now we are at $10306 and 162 pledgers. And only 9 days left. We need more pledgers and money to unlock the following miniatures. Even with a low pledge you can pick what you want of the 17 available miniatures. Please, if you are interested, this is the moment to pledge here:


16 days to go. Until now, we have reached $8651, the 192% of the $4500 goal. At the moment for a $100 pledge you will obtain 32 miniatures. And more are in arrival reaching the next pledge levels. And the rules in a draft format can be playtested by pledgers. So this Fightin’ Fungi is a success. But we still need more people for more mushroom people. Pledge if you can and spread the spores:


Song of Blades and Heroes new rules

This Fightin’ Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter is the opportunity to taste a new step in Song of Blade and Heroes rules. Together with the miniatures, or with the “only rules” pledges, you obtain:

  • New armor rules – instead of these being just a +1 on the C score, we now have listed when the Armored or Protected status apply, against which attacks etc
  • Weapons now have their own rules, you get javelins, flails, heavy bludgeoning weapons, warhammers, two handed weapons etc
  • Shields: choice of buckler, small, large and magical shield
  • New spell system with 30 spells, backwards compatible with the less detailed way of doing magic in the original SoBaH. Spells are described with tags so info about range, area affected etc is not repeated. Spells are chosen when a characters is created (you may have a number of spells based on your Q, but you need to pay points for every spell, and if you want to create a standard SOBH spellcaster just select Magic Bolt and Transfix)
  • About 10 new traits, 3-4 of which are spore-related so they would apply only to fungi folk, but the others are quite generic in nature
  • Pledgers which have rewards that include the pdf or pdf/book combo will receive a download link for an unedited copy of the book with not final artwork and page setting. So you can start playing and send in your comments.


    Fightin’ Fungi is live!

    Fightin’ Fungi is a stand-alone rulebook based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game (SoBH). Gamers who are new to the rules will find an award-winning, complete, easy to use system which lets you play a battle in 45 minutes to an hour, and a mini-campaign or tournament in a long afternoon. Old fans of the game will find enough new materials for them to expand and bring new elements to their existing games of SoBH. Completely back-compatible with other SoBH books, Fightin’ Fungi will include Reactions (an action system which lets a force interrupt the opponent’s turn whenever a foe misses a Quality roll), optional weapon rules to represent flails, long weapons and so on, and a bolt-on spell system which can be used instead of the less detailed magic system of basic SoBH. Full stats for all mycological figures and a few suggested opponents (invading humans, neighboring wood elves and the ever-present goblinoids) will be provided so new and old gamers can start playing immediately.

    Fightn’ Fungi is also the Ganesha Games first entry into producing a line of unique, high quality, metal miniatures for use with the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game. These miniatures will also appeal to miniature collectors, and definitely be of use in RPGs and other tabletop wargames.
    The first range is a race of mushroom men and their fungi inspired creatures and minions. If the initial funding goal is achieved, Ganesha Games will be able to produce the first six harbingers of mycological mayhem. These miniatures have already been sculpted and are just waiting to go into production.

    Make your pledge to:


    Ice Age Mammals Project

    Doggerland is a lost world in the North Sea that connected Great Britain to Europe during and after the Ice Age. This is the set for a new product line with comics, RPG and wargames. Andrea (and his team!) is going to develop the skirmish game! To know more hear the podcast interview to Andrea here:

    In the meantime some new miniatures are proposed. This is the first Kickstarter for figures (Ice Age mammals in a fantasy style, 28mm heroic) from the company doing Doggerland. Pledge here:

    Miniature Ice Age Mammal Adventure Set -- Kicktraq Mini


    Gladiator arena by Kickstarter

    Another Kickstarter proposal: a modular gladiator arena! You can add which modules you want. The choice is among wooden or stone terraces, and some modules have doors or peculiar features. There is an imperial podium too. A 8 section arena, a circular one, is labelled 60 quid, an elliptic one made by 10 section is 75 quid, a longed one by 12 section is 90 quid. The ground is available with patterns according to popular gladiatorial game rules. I remember you that with Ferrum et Gloria you don’t need hexagonal or squared ground because there is free movement in the style of other Ganesha Games rules.

    MDF is the new material for scenic objects on wargame tables. It is lighter and cheaper than resin, and the objects are not a single closed block but something that you can handle inside. So this proposal is something that follow actual tendencies. It is good, so you can have your huge arena for 28mm figures at a reasonable price. My only concern is about the style of some modules: they don’t know how a real arena was, indeed. Moreover, I wish a step system for the terraces but here there are only unnecessary doors and decorations. Pity! The idea is really great, the realisation is not so great. A more detailed study and attention on real arenas and this stuff would be the definitive arena. However now is maybe the best area that you can buy on the market. After some customisation it will be better. Pledge here:


    Nickstarter: Of Gods And Mortals

    North Star, miniature producer and vendor, have started another Nickstater. It is a program to build pre-orders for miniature lines useful for new Osprey wargame rules. It gives free figures, discounts and free postage. If they manage to raise certain target amounts of money, they will release either free figures or new models into the design schedule. This time they are making sets of licensed figures for Of Gods And Mortals by Andrea Sfiligoi. When the game is released in October 2013, they will have eight box sets to accompany the rule book. These will be four different gods, and four different legends sets. This will give you the myth content of pantheons inside the book. If the rules and miniatures manage to get the attention they deserve, there will be more figures and additional army lists available. Maybe Osprey could even be convinced to give us a full supplement for OGAM. I am involved in this project (I am one of the playtesters) and I hope you like it!

    To know more on this project or to pledge, go to the OGAM Nickstarter page: