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Inside this edition of Lucca C&G you could find around a lot of things related to Gundam and its world: exhibitions, clubs, vendors.

Inside a church the official Italian club and an exhibition.

The Gundam cockpit in life size.

Gundam shorts on rotation on church altar. Can we think about the existence of a Church of Gundam? Taking in consideration all the dedication of fans, so many years after its debut on TV screens in Italy, surely I can say so.

Some new models for sale. In the original story there were only few kinds of mobile suits. Now it seems that in a one year war there were a lot of models and variations that we couldn’t suspect at all.

I don’t understand limited editions with strange materials and look like this transparent model.

A huge mobile suit by Zion. No bookshelf is big enough for this one.

More canonic models in this exhibition.

Zaku in various scales. For the size look at the child behind the glass.

A bigger Zaku. Look at the size of the screen at his feet.

It is a wargame. A scenario to play with small models.

Newer models from one of the Gundam series. Zion side. They are very beautiful. A great mecha design.

Anti-tank sniper from Federation.

Gundam cosplay. The Italian club is growing faster.

Gundam made by Lego.

A Zaku dance. It should be a ritual of this Church of Gundam.


These fairs are an opportunity to watch what is around in the world about a peculiar kind of action figures from Japan: sexy and half naked manga girls with big boobs. Let’s start with a mouse-girl inside emmenthal cheese.

A pretty action figure with a girl on a toilet. Great on your bookshelf.

Big boobs.

More big boobs. An an ass.

A sexy female nurse. With big boobs. And something in her hand.

A girl with only a shirt. Under the shirt: boobs.

Bunny with normal boobs and robots.

Yes. More boobs.

Girls. And boobs.

Extremely big boobs. It is become boring.

And to end all this, more statuettes with half-naked girl, but in an European style.

Next time more religious things…


Lucca C&G 2014: cosplay [part3]

If you are used to naked young women undressed as comics, videogames and anime characters, this is your post. But if you want to watch them you have to go on Istagram or Flickr because I hadn’t the time to take photos around. Yes, it is so sad…

Do you remember him? He is mr. Lo(s/d)i, the man that splept on the loo floor at Lucca 2012 because of Andrea habit to snoring like a train. After the shock he enlisted in Imperial Army.

A smart move because in the Imperial Army you can find these Sororitas.

On the left old style Imperial armour style, on the right a newer one.

However there were amazing cosplayers around. I took this photo while I was returning from food vendor that was optimally managed by local Red Cross. (Yes, to eat you needed a Red Cross service!) Just a moment and again in the Games pavilion crowd.

Here there are two cosplayers and a person with a real dress. Guess who was he among the three?

This is the “Gli Orti di Via Elisa” restaurant staff, our preferred restaurant in Lucca. Every year during Lucca C&G they work in costume! This time they were following the Assassin Creed theme: ‘700 in France. Very dedicated people!


Lucca C&G 2014: walk around [part2]

I was a guest of the event so I had to stay at the stand for demonstrations, so I couldn’t walk around for my interests. But on 4 days and 10 hours a day I found some time to visit some things around, even if I lost cinemas, exhibitions, events, thematic pavilions and all these highlights of Lucca C&G. At least I visited the main areas.

This year the Japan area exploded from a “palace” to a “town”. Here you can find more things Japan relate, as food. And weird karaoke contests in Japanese language!

This area is the best for peculiar gifts.

Near the “town”, a church house some exhibitions.

You could find a lot of strange plushes…

…or unicorn and dragon meat, together with a cheering bust of one of the famous Giger creations.

More things to put in your living room.

Star Wars pavilion. A villa was only for Assassin Creed.

T-shirts too. And “Sith Happens”.

Shopping bags with peculiar character.

The helmet maker with newer stuff, in a crossover style.

When radical ideology is a dream and capitalism fails… The political movement for a return to feudal style of life.

But how to embrace feudalism? Easy, buy your personal armour!

Back in the games pavilion. This is the rear side with loos, under the walls.

The card game that simulate an activity as whores manager. A must have!

Illustrators in the making of painting for the final charity auction.

One of the computers in the fair. Note the video card and the huge cpu heat sink.

A miniature to play with “Harder than Steel” by Ganesha Games. More news about it in 2015…

Every year some new miniature for the gladiatorial dwarf squad for Blood Bowl by Cosimo Auricchio.

Lucca Comics & Games was not only this! Here there is only a small fraction of the entire. However I have other 7 posts about other things that you could find in Lucca, one each day. Follow me.


Lucca C&G 2014: crowd [part1]

Here we go! The 1 of a 9 parts of my full report on Lucca Comics & Games 2014. Too many things to say, too much sensations. So this is only a slice of the event, what I could live.

We start with some numbers. 264454 confirmed visitors in 2013. Well, only the Saturday they sold 100000 tickets this year. And the fair is on 4 days. Maybe this time we had almost 300000 tickets. And a lot of people came only for the free areas. Too many people around that was impossible to buy tickets because it was impossible to reach the ticket offices. So we could have almost 400000 people around. In an area with almost 9000 local residents. So, imagine the crowd…

This is part of the queue for the Games pavilion, where I was. Saturday you had to wait more than 2 hours to enter.

Where I was I couldn’t note this, only some metres away and you couldn’t see what was happening…

This is exactly what I could see from my stand.

This is the walk on the walls.

Another view of the walls. This is a free area with part of the Games section.

But how to reach the walls without the queue?

Dangerous? Watch what was under the walls… On the left the access to the main Lucca door, towards the Games pavilion.

And one of the main Lucca roads…

I pick the last three photos from the web. I was enough smart to don’t think to have a walk at the time of peak people presence. In a matter of fact I made my main walk around the first day and all was extremely more liveable.


I’m moving toward Terni by train. Then toward Lucca by Andrea’s car. Then four days of madness in the comics (and games, and cosplay, and whatever…) convention of the year, the third in the world as presences (264454 confirmed visitors in 2013, but more if you calculate the free areas; the city of Lucca has 87467 habitants). I will be present with the paperback of Ferrum et Gloria, after four years in the making. See you in Lucca Comics & Games 2014! Game pavilion (Carducci), near Miniature Island, S11 stand.


Romics: Autumn 2014

With Autumn, Romics came. This is the second annual edition of the Roman convention about comics and cosplay, with games added. We haven’t a table because people is not interested in wargame but cards games as Magic. Sometimes you can spot Warhammer. Cultural issues are not contemplated, all is about comics and gadgets vendors. Cosplay is the only thing that provides huge hordes of people (more than 100000 presences?) in this far land outside Rome. But to be free from the crowd we visited the fair only the first day, Thursday, so we couldn’t see lots of naked girl around.

Japan is worshipped in every form. Here one of stands with Japanese blades (but made in China and sold though San Marino state). At the end a ramen shop. However this Romics edition will be remembered as the one with 28 people intoxicated by rotten sushi sold in the fair.

A vendor specialised in coloured wigs. Yes, we are in a comics fair…

“Mommy, I want the RedSkull bust!”. And the vendor eats a panino with roasted pork (porchetta).

Some toys prototypes. Ma.K.s!

This time was present the local 1/6 action figures maker called Kaustic Plastik.

A new gladiator set in the box was presented as preview.

Their 1/6 real metal helm collection. I bought the secutor one and one of the legionary types.

And now another kind of action figures. Big breasts here.

Other fine imports from Japan.

And if you don’t understand, more Japan porn for you…

We met our friends of Elara, sci-fi editors. And after we visited the film area, where we viewed a trailer of the upcoming Doreamon film. It is like the anime but in 3D. I want to watch it!

In the late afternoon, under a raining sky, we proceeded toward the Ikea near my house to buy a new large bookcase for Andrea’s miniatures.


Carnivorous plants

Something that I like to show you even if it is not directly related to miniatures. Carnivorous plants are common in pulp or sci-fi on jungle planets, indeed. But how they are? During a really recent trip to Padova I went to the Orto Botanico di Padova. Founded in 1545 by the Venetian Republic, it is the world’s oldest academic botanical garden that is still in its original location. In the new wing of this garden, inside a new greenhouse building, there was a convention about carnivorous plants organised by Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore. I’m used to miniatures or comic conventions and I found this one with the same spirit. So I could admire these strange plants that drink distilled water and eat rotten insects. Lots of kinds of carnivorous plants exist. I show here some together with their trap system.

It is like a beartrap, and it uses the same activation method. Every pair of closed leafs is a victim more.

Small spheres made of glue along leafs. And insect that slowly are absorbed on them.

The following three are based on the same principle: one way cones or recipients where insects are attracted and cannot escape, plunged into a sticky liquid.

Bigger recipients. They remind me a vagina. Attraction and death.

Dangling recipients big as 1/2 litre bottles! They seems threatening…