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Lucca C&G 2013: statuettes

If you want to find something to put on your desk or bookshelf, Lucca C&G is the best place. You only need money and space.

To start something from USA, some Marvel characters form the Planet Hulk storyline I think.

The main current is obviously the Japan one. Gashapons are the more common gadgets around.

Another kind of gadget are statuettes. They are not at bargain prices but they are very beautiful and bigger than gashapons. And with sexy elements. A lot of. Follow a gallery.

Evangelion is a famous anime and its female characters are now established erotic iconic characters for otaku. Rei Ayanami with her blue hair is so loved that is a common view among cosplayers and statuettes.

A collection of statuettes of Rei!

In a swimsuit.

Over the erotic, there is porno! Moreover there is a bondage part in it. A classic representation of Rei is wounded and bandaged.

All this sex in the visual elements means so scarce sex in real life. It is only a matter of mind.

Pillowcases for pillows to hug. Same matter. But vendors thought to censure them in strategic points with some pieces of paper… Decency…


Lucca C&G 2013: mecha modelling

Inside the Japan Palace there is the NKGC modelling competition. You have saw the little Gundam models exposition but there is even this section with lots of interesting models. This is the Yamato from space.

Ma.K. are always a must for modellers.

The best in the futuristic race contest.

Kallamity is the label under Luca Zampirolo makes its mecha art and resin models. Here while its signing with a sketch one small portfolio that I bought.

A Kallamity’s Garbaldy in the model contest. It is a Zion inspired model.

To end this mecha in Lucca post, some good classics from Japan.


Lucca C&G 2013: Japan palace

Since the explosion of the fair in the streets of Lucca (before it was inside an indoor sports arena, then with some pavilions added out of it) we have a palace dedicated to Japan stuff. It is called Japan Palace and this is the queue to enter in it!

Thanks to organisation I had a staff pass so I could enter quickly. Inside, on courtyards and two storeys, various stands related to Japan in various ways. Here a view at the 9 o’clock in the morning, at the opening. After It was almost impossible to walk.

A well known vendor specialised in kwai dresses.

More traditional stuff, but with a sexy touch. Japanese people love Italy, Italians love Japan.

Kokeshi. They are very cute.

Traditional Japanese curtains but with cats instead of humans.

Japanese sexuality is more complex than Italian and Occidental ones. They seem as perverts to us.

However these paintings are very beautiful. Next year we will have something different for this place because of overcrowding. Maybe there will be even a Japan district…


Lucca C&G 2013: walk around

Let’s start again with Lucca Comics and Games report! Yeah, I know: all this was two months and half ago. But it is still interesting according to me. To restart we can begin with a photo of the evening before the fair, the stands set up.

Then a view on the public crowding that was for the 4 days after.

The fair was mainly held inside pavilions around the city of Lucca. A map and a printed guide (or an app for tablets) was needed to find all the numerous places where something was. You had to show your ticket every time you entered a pavilion.

Someone could share one ticket with a friend, to see the fair one a the time. Very hard, especially for some larger areas! Some are free areas, like cosplay and music ones or live roleplay pavilion. So you could live the fair for a day without paying at all. A lot of things to see around.

A couple of churches were used as exposition area or as auditorium, like this one.

Cinema was present too, especially for anime or sci-fi films. Guess which preview was held in Lucca…

Instead only a teaser for the new Godzilla flick. Look carefully: Godzilla is the monster behind Andrea, it is not Andrea’s new career as actor…

When stands and pavilion were not enough: temporary stores! Some were empty for the economical crisis, others were converted only for those days. A sign said: “we will return as usual after the fair”.

This one is the biggest pavilion, the games pavilion! We were inside this one at the other end. Look carefully, it is composed by two large tents, a double structure.

An inside look. A bit crowded. Think, we lived in this mess for 4 days!

Outside the pavilion there is this traditional illegal market. Magic cards at most. The walls of Lucca on the right part. And on the walls other pavilions. In the bottom the stage for cosplay contest and for music spectacles.

Lucca was initially only “Comics” and a few of people. After some years they thought to add another area, the “Games” one. At that times this meant few tables and stands more. 20 years after, in the 2013, the fair is exploded so games are not so crucial but part of a great mess. And the Games pavilion is huge.

As usual no photo of comics in my reports. Sorry, but I am attracted by unusual things while shooting photos. Like this one, a 3D advert for books about zombies.

Last year that was a exhibition on Diabolik. This character is an institution in Italy. Today you can have even its umbrella…

Some originals could be found in the fair. These ones are from the States. I like Ashley Wood very much but these are doodles sold as precious things. 100 US dollars for something that he drew in 10 minutes with a marker pen is too much.

An usual feature was the presence of vendors with gadgets. A very coloured view.

Sometime instead of common gadgets there is something more creative and handcrafted as these puppets.

What remains after 4 days. Boxes on the way for home. However it seems that business went very well for vendors, better than the previous year.


What I did the last month

I have a lot of things in my backlog, so I concentrate my efforts to show you the main wargame conventions of November. But even in December there were interesting things, like this couple of fairs: Più Libri Più Liberi (small book editors fair) and Arti & Mestieri (handcrafted foods and objects). I spent a lot of money in books and foods, obviously. Moreover as Ganesha Games we met a couple of times to play with games and to playtest some secret future Osprey releases, eating pizza, Greek street food and drinking mjed. As Ferrum et Gloria author I playtested in another two occasions some new things for Ferrum et Gloria part 2. In the last days I refurbished this blog with new colours and contents.
In the meantime we even had Christmas and New Year events, with a lot of correlated lunches and dinners. January and February are empty as conventions or tournaments so I will be more free to work on FeG, even if at the end of January there is the Nettunia landing anniversay. Next posts still with Lucca 2013 report: it was an huge fair.


Fall season calendar

ganesha gamesThis Fall I have a very busy season about conventions, tournament and fairs. I play in tournaments or I run some demonstration games. In 3 months a total of 14 full days of wargames. You must add the necessary days for preparation, journey, rest. And remember that I have two real life jobs too. Well, this is like a third job, but without monetary earnings. This is the calendar:
7-8 Sep – Narnia Fumetto
21 Sep – DBA Rome
13 Oct – DBA Arezzo
31 Oct / 3 Nov – Lucca C&G
10 Nov – DBA Terni
16-17 Nov – GiocaPerugia
29 Nov / 1 Dec – Ludica Roma

ganesha gamesSome news about OGAM. Andrea sent to people the pre-ordered books, signed with his autograph and seal. He started a little promotional tour together with 2 tournaments. The first will be played the 16th of November in GiocaPerugia, the latter the 30th of November in Ludica Roma. I have ready lots of miniatures for Greek and Norse armies, but more armies are on arrival as Irish Celts and Egyptians, and I have plans for Sea People and Sumerian armies. At the moment we don’t know how the book is selling, but if we receive the green light from Osprey, new official armies will be developed. I’m thinking to a Roman army too, because there is a difference between Zeus and Iuppiter. However we will support the game. And now is available an official XLS spreadsheet for Of Gods and Mortals to build the armies that are in the book.

In the meantime, a work in progress image from the illustrations inside Ferrum et Gloria. Too many events these days and too much work. So I haven’t the right attention to examine the text after the first editing. I have to add some paragraphs too. I’m working on the second book yet. My father is involved with the building of a small arena and two vessels for gladiatorial naval fights. On these pages you will follow the development of these things.


Happymodel (oct. 2013)

This is the market for railway modelling in Rome. Approximately every a couple of months, or more, we have this event inside a school gym. It can be the opportunity to find something that can be useful for my miniatures.

Railway modelling is a hobby almost comparable with 3D wargame. But the real effort is to create large dioramas. We think always to create a movable space where put miniatures in a way to move them easily and precisely. Instead their aim is to have a fixed realistic landscape where trains can move along a rail net. So, we have some common characteristics, but very different scales and aims.

I feel this hobby world as distant from me. I don’t mind all kinds of railway cars available and what is related to them. They are captivating but I can’t understand 120 euro for a little piece of plastic with wheels. Whereas I find justifiable the same amount of money for miniatures or action figures…

Some remarkable things. Some tramway cars used on local lines. Note the double decker used at the begin of the last century.
Below, a 54mm diorama with toy soldiers. I can’t understand why these miniatures are sold inside these kind of fairs. They aren’t trains. However I saw around someone that sold single Foundry’s medieval miniatures with a wood base and a banner at the bargain price of 12 euro… Toy soldiers hobbyists don’t know the real price of our miniatures…


Romics 2013 fall edition

This year we had two Romics. It is the main comics fair in Rome. It is always nice to walk around huge piles of comics and gadgets. Together with Andrea (Ganesha Games) we came here for a full day (10.00-19.00), watching stands and buying stuff. We met some people too, and we had interesting chats with a medieval style fencer and with a games vendor. It is a 4 days long fair, but I visited it the first day because I will be very busy for work in the weekend. Moreover the fair is pretty overcrowded the other days.

A blast from the past: once upon a time comics fairs were populated mainly by middle age people.

Nowadays this kind of fairs are full of young people with costumes. And half naked young girls with exhibitionism symptoms.

I like so much this world of cosplayers, a touch of colour in life, comics and animes in the real world.

A big organised group is the 501th Legion, local imperial forces inspired by Star Wars.

The usual Nintendo stand with young girls as hostess.

Among comics a huge presence is for gadgets and statuettes. These are very nice!

A choice of pillow-cases for lone people pillow to hug during the night.

More gadgets and another kind of pillow among them: the pizza pillow!

The food choice in the fair were good but we opted even for a more exotic flavour as these Japanese sweets.

Really a beautiful day, the time fled away smoothly and we had fun.