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DBA in Rome: Kadesh

I’m just returned from Portugal! A full report will follow before or later, but now we will have a DBA tournament in Rome:

Tomorrow, the 21th of September, our club Legio Palatina, together with DBA Italia organisation, will hold a tournament based on the situation around the Kadesh battle. More informations on the specific website:


Open DBA Roma 2013

Victory! The 9th of June I win a DBA tournament here in Rome. It wasn’t an official one, but an event only for Romans to show rules and tournament formula to not “professional” DBA players. So I had less competition from hard gamers, however my victory was a real one. A 30€ gift was the prize. I spent them quickly for a Vallejo matt varnish can and for a photographic book about local fallschirmjäger reenactors.

The tournament theme was Caesar and his enemies. Obviously I brought a Roman army. These are my troops after the aristocrats defeat, 5 bases destroyed against nothing for me.

In the upper photo you can see my first game. I’m the reflexive chap in the centre. On the right upper corner there is Andrea, in Rome from Terni because the day before we passed all the time together playtesting his latest new game.

We were in SoloGiochi, a wargame shop in the north of Rome. I never stayed there before, because the city is pretty big and I live far from here. However we like this location very much so we will organise the official Roman DBA tournament here in September.

Our national DBA tournament circuit is based on groups of friends that live in cities in the north and centre Italy. Some new DBA player entered this event, so we hope they will be here the next time, and in the other tournaments. The photo of an happy day with miniatures.


Hellana 2013

As in previous years we are in Agliana for Hellana wargame convention. The same trip to Tuscany from the early hours of the Sunday morning to the night, with a pause for the highway stop dinner. All is done to live another wargaming experience together with our friends from every corner of Italy. Look at the categories tag for other editions.

The classic DBA tournament. I prefer to play with other games during a convention, so even this time I only supported my DBA community with photos and friendship.

A Russian view with snow. And Italian and Soviet soldiers.

A WWI naval battle with an interesting use of cotton to built clouds!

When railway modelling in HO scale meet wargame in 20mm scale: a WWII fight in Germany.

Bigger scale and bigger building. Another WWII delicatessen.

Using Comitatus rules to build a battle at the Roma’s gates.

This playable scenario displayed a view of the Porta Ostiensis near the ARSM club headquarters. This scenario recreate a specific Gothic War event.

A new presence in the convention was the Gundam Italian Club. I’m an orphan of eighties too.

Some models, even if the better one was the Zion vessel!

I did my duty with a couple of Ferrum et Gloria scenarios. This one was an opportunity to test the “duel rules” and to have a fight secutor/scissor versus retiarii. An experience to make some tweaks to something. Then some people wished to buy the rules, but I’m still writing them, pity. Now I’m a little distracted by this convention period because we will have “La storia per gioco” and “” in the following weeks, but I’m very involved with the rules writing.


Indiegogo for Fantasy Warriors

From the Indiegogo announcement:

Fantasy Warriors, the fantasy miniature wargame, is finally going to be back on your tables!

The Indiegogo campaign should hopefully create the possibility to bring to you the new edition of this famous system, devised in the 1990 by Nick Lund and originally published by the famous Grenadier Miniatures firm.

This new edition updates pratically every aspect of the game, from rules to army lists, and creates a real world to stage your battles on.

The new edition is published by Mirliton, founded in 1983 by Stefano Grazzini.
The activity began with a series of Napoleonic ranges and finally covered pratically every age of the bellic history.

Mirliton is known worldwide among the players of wargames, collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
He now has a very large catalog of miniatures, accessories, books on military history and everything that can serve the passionate collector as the veteran player alike.

This year, recurring the 30th anniversary of its foundation, Mirliton wants to celebrate with a new edition of this prestigious wargame, an edition supervised and driven by the veteran player an Fantasy Warriors fan Massimo Brigandì.

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Lucca C&G 2012: more miniatures

More miniatures in Lucca Games pavilion.

Here my mate Narciso that is dazed watching some greens by a miniatures sculptors stand. He wish to produce some miniatures too. If you remember, Narciso is the man that last year sculpted my pagodas for Zen Garden.

Same stand, part of the display case. I fell in love with that sort of cyber-spider. Only a green for now.

An absolute preview! The first pieces of a new range by Cosimo Auricchio. They are dwarf gladiators for Blood Bowl. I have instantly reserved a set for me… On the background the new legionaries range.

In the Miniature Island there was a painting competition called Grog. Really stunning pieces, but I’m more a wargamer than a modeller so I utilise less detailed miniatures to play. Their painting is excessive. Yes, envy is a bad thing…

More little things not painted with flat colours and detailed with “wonder wash” technique like mine…

A waste of sci-fi tanks at unreal little distance each other: a huge WH40k scenario.

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Florence historical football) is an ancestor of modern football and rugby, and it is still played nowadays. It is a very strong violent kind of football. Some years ago the authorities prohibited the annual match because it was the opportunity to settle a score among criminals and hotheads. Just like the Slapshot flick, the players forget the ball and start a brawl! People from Firenze are very proud of their traditions. This is the miniature game by Castle Arts.


Lucca C&G 2012: miniature island

Another queue to enter to Lucca Games pavilion. It is more easy to be on the other side of the fence… You can even see some of the young staff volunteers, in blue sweatshirt, that allowed all this for free.

The Miniature Island is the space that Lucca give for free to the wargame miniature world. It is managed by Lorenzo Sartori, the editor of Dadi & Piombo (dices and lead) magazine. He printed a special and free issue to show to common people what we do. When I saw some interest in people towards our little world, I distributed the magazine.

This year we had some demonstration tables with Deus Vult (the new game by FireForge for medieval warfare), Operation Squad (WWII and modern skirmish combat), À La Guerre (XVII-XVIII warfare), FOW (WH40K with Panzers, ah ah!), Bolt Action (WWII skirmish), Infinity (cyber-skirmish). Obviously there was Ganesha Games too.

This is the modern version for Operation Squad, in an Iraq scenario. Losi (or Lodi, I don’t remember, ah ah) set up this interesting ambush fight. This man is a really martyr because he slept in a hotel room shared with me and Andrea. The last night, due to the usual violent snoring by mister Sfiligoi, he chose to slept in the loo on the floor!

Iraq fighters. Losi is one of the authors of Operation Squad Modern. He is working on a Vietnam version too!

Chip ‘n’ Dale at the Miniature Island! In the background the Mirliton miniature stand. This year there were more miniature vendors as Steel Model (with Warlord staff), Kabuki, Cosimo Auricchio, Greebo, Miniature Mania and Chasseurs. On the right the painters zone. Our Miniature Island, the demonstration area, is the support to these vendors, our space exists because them pay for their stands.

Inside a luxury area you could find some painters at work. The aim was to show that painting is not impossible. So the artists explained how to paint and some special techniques.

Oh, I was forgetting the Impetus demonstration table with these gorgeous Byzantine!

And this is the Clan Conan, the first year with my friend Narciso of Legio Palatina club. He is the chap with the beer. These chaps were running three demonstration tables for common people and children. Simpler or exemplar games to access to this world.

Near us two demonstration tables with WH40K. It is an anniversary for this game. I started to play with miniatures when the second edition was out, but I read White Dwarf at Rogue Trader times. A lot of time ago…

This is our Miniature Island team at dinner time. We had a lot of fun! And we hope to have converted some people to our little world.


DBA Arezzo 2012

This was the right time! Third place in the Arezzo DBA tournament of the Italian DBA annual championship. Yeah, I’m a champion again…

After a lot of time Legio Palatina, my club, humiliated the Compagnia della Chimera club! They humiliate us every tournament indeed. However this one was held in their city and they were in full formation. So we are more happy. Gasbarri, the Italian 3D wargame champion and leader of the Arezzo club, ate humble pie, prostrating himself in front of our club.

We lined up on the field a larger team than usual, with the new entry Gabriele. I always try to intimidate our adversaries remembering them his physical presence. In lots of competitions I team up only with Diego, so we could combine only two scores to built our team score, when you can add the best three scores as team result. And this time Diego reached the first place.

Another humiliation moment for Gasbarri. He is desperate viewing Narciso deployment! Great photo! : D

We were 13 people, 5 from Roma, 2 from Canino, 1 from Firenze and 5 from Arezzo. We played in the Fumettopoli store. As every time I bought one skin colour paint bottle of the Rackham range, remains of a old supply. The owners are very kind but their loo is permanently almost out of order for something. The loo and the paint, two constants of my Arezzo tournaments. However this time we looked for something more exotic to eat instead of the restaurant in front of the shop. There was a big fair about international food along the streets of Arezzo but too many people had crowded it so we chose another restaurant. To close, a photo of my small DBA camp. Or rather the reason why I won with my army: I had got hidden troops inside the fort!


Alt si gioca 2012: the videos

Alt si gioca was a wargame convention in Terni who took place the 7th of October. When I was free from my demonstrations I realised with my mobile a movie to report the event.

Some main topics:
0:12 – Blood Bowl tournament
0:51 – Flame of War scenario
1:00 – Battle on Ice in 10mm from Aster
1:20 – Heroquest
1:38 – Bring & Buy
1:53 – A La Guerre
2:30 – Gino Pilotino
2:48 – Subbuteo
3:01 – Operation World War II
3:17 – Wings of Glory
3:54 – Drums & Shakos Large Battle
4:20 – Zen Garden
4:28 – Ferrum et Gloria
4:34 – Samurai Robot Battle Royale
5:05 – Mighty Monsters
5:43 – Of Gods And Mortals
5:51 – Zulu on rampage
6:08 – Weird War II scenario
6:23 – Sherlock Holmes scenario
6:44 – 6mm
7.07 – 11000 Napoleonics in 15mm by Sergio Laliscia

To view a better show of the Napoleonics array, here another video.

And to know more about this convention go to