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It’s Ferragosto!

Sun, beaches, heat, sweat, slices of watermelon,… it is Ferragosto time! This is the midsummer holiday and all is stopped. So you cannot have news about miniatures because it would not be in keeping with the mood of this moment of the year. Something else instead, some great music from Italy, some summer songs. I’m sorry that they are in Italian language but you can understand the same. Two examples of gangsta rap for you. Turn on the volume and have fun!

When little people gone bad

School is a bad place


A matter of lead addiction

When I chose the name for this blog I liked the fact of recognising my hobby as an addiction, one addiction for miniatures, made of lead obviously. And lead is poisoning. Well, I thought to be quite original, with a distinctive name to sign my space, composed in a graphic form that reminds the style of a logo even if it is written only with a simple and standard font set. After a lot of surfing on the web I found now that someone had used the same concept for his blog. Here I show the other two blogs with a similar name to mine. And I want to remind you about the fashion blog L.E.addicted that I reviewed some posts ago.


Angina Pectoris

I’m very busy so I haven’t time to show you a Ludica report. While you are waiting, remembering that today is Giovedì Grasso and we are during Carnevale: and now something completely different! You cannot live only with miniatures of soldiers, little reproductions of men, there is other in the world. After a lot of time after its diffusion in the world I viewed this thing and I’m sure that someone of you don’t know it, so you have to know. Please, stay calm while you are viewing it…

Well, what is it? It is a children programme on Russian television, where young people can even see and dance the last pop-dance hit of the moment. The children of the show are really weird, more weird than the situation. I think about their parents that want to see them on television because they are little stars. Awful. Instead Angina is the fictional name of a young female artist. She has a cute little face and two enormous boobs. His song is called Кому какое дело (who cares?), so we couldn’t care about Russian cultural concept of decency and we can enjoy the view.

And this one is a fake backstage of the famous singer, known better for what she has under his throat than for his voice.


L. E. addicted

While I was surfing the net, I put on google a search about this blog and I found that exists on blogspot another blog with a name very similar to “lead-addicted”:

Well, I was surprised by this. At the start I thought that someone had the same idea for the name but using it with a contraction, for something based on lead addiction, that is to say something based on soldiers collecting and wargame. But when I opened the page I found that someone was speaking about addiction to “limited edition” apparel! So it is for fashion victims! I like the models, but I can’t understand the contents. Moreover this blog is so arcane, there aren’t explanations, only pictures. And I cannot understand why to pay outrageous posh prices for pieces of cloth only because they are produced by a famous label. I only understand to pay a lot of money for beautiful pieces of finely sculpted pieces, casted in lead and painted by real artists…


Stylish Blogger Award

Well, I received a Stylish Blogger Award from mr. Zerloon. Thanks! What this means? This award is a way to spread knowledge of beautiful blogs, a different way to promote links. When you go along the chain of these links, you lost yourself among interesting blogs, too much to read them all. It is even a form to give approval and respect to other efforts beside you to give a written form to passions and hobbies. So mr. Zerloon chose my blog among others. It is an honour!

To receive an award there are four steps to follow:
1. Send a thank you and a link to the nominating blog.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the word on to 10 or so other deserving blogs.
4. Let them know of your nominating them for the award.

1. Send a thank you and a link to the nominating blog

Zerloon Place is made by Lorenzo (mix the letters and you get “zerloon”) who plays boardgames and 3D wargames. He plays a lot and with different games. Here you can his reports.

2. Share seven things about yourself

1) Moscarelli is the surname, not the name.
2) I’m not so fat as you can see on photos. It’s all a matter of lens distortions.
3) If I lost a game, the rules was wrong.
4) I don’t believe in superstition practices about dice throwing. I believe in cheating dices. But until now I don’t find them to buy. Damn it!
5) My friends make fun of me because I have got only a little number of lead soldiers (this is the pretext that I utilise when a new pack of little lead men arrive in my house).
6) If you have got Romans in 15mm, you have to build them even in 28mm, then you feel the need to compose a Roman army in 10mm, but a day you will have them in 6mm too.
7) My father paint almost all my miniatures under my supervision. My mother sew my uniforms under my supervision. My sister sometimes have something to do under my supervision. So I’m a very busy man.

3. Pass the word on to 10 or so other deserving blogs

Here I have mainly chose blogs that I support because they are made by people that I know. You can always find their links on the right bar of my blog. If I suggest them, then I can give them an award!

Anticamente is a ruleset by Fabio Farneti about battles with a terrain made by hexagons, using 10mm soldiers. It is very original and smart, fresh air if you are used to only DBX geometry.

Song of Drums and Shakos is a ruleset by Sergio Laliscia about skirmishing with Napoleonic troops. It made me discover the weird world of Napoleonic uniformology.

RoninClan is a blog about Paolo Blasi hobbies about boardgames and 3D wargaming, and obviously about Japan. And like a Japanese, he take a lot of photos.

Pippoweb’s Blog is a place where Filippo Simoncini put his realisations about 3D wargaming. Sadly only a few posts, but he has a lot of things to say and show.

Parte Ghibellina is the blog of Roberto Bagna, a good painter for his 3d wargames.

And now something different. Blogs that I follow most and I think are good to know:

The Angry Lurker is a man with a mission: constant presence on the world of wargaming blogs, and with something to say.

6 Mil Phil’s Adventures in Wargaming is full of great realisations for his wargames, and the best of the best is the propaganda truck of VBCW with a mp3 player inside!

BigLee’s Miniature Adventures is a giant involved in miniatures!

Giochi sul Nostro Tavolo is an interesting blog with boardgames reviews and impressions.

As number 10 I haven’t made a choice. I read other blogs but not on regular basis, so I leave this award for a future blog that I will follow every day. And maybe that can be your.