Legio Palatina reunion

Even this year we celebrated a Legio Palatina reunion. Partial, as usual due to logistical problems. We were in Canino, at Narciso’s house. Special guests Andrea from Terni, and two Narciso’s friends for a visit.

We were still in solstice holidays (Christmas and so on for almost two-three weeks) mood so a mjed bottle and pandoro before the battles. And while Narciso is picking some miniatures, Diego is picking a pandoro slice.

As first instance a couple of playtest games of Fortebraccio. Still minor tweaks on cards. When will have illustrations on cards this game kills. We like it very much. Expansions are planned. In June we will play it in a tournament in Perugia. The game is designed to celebrate the Saint’Egidio battle of the 12th of July 1416. 600 years ago. The game is commissioned by Perugia comune.

After pizza at lunch, in the afternoon a mega battle with HOTT. We didn’t remind all the rules because we are more DBA chaps. But the emphasis was on fun. Sadly my faction (Chaos) was exterminated by misfortune. However I lost my Fortebraccio game too. I don’t care, it was a great day.


Cards and comics

A new game is in development from Ganesha Games. It is not the Ferrum et Gloria card game. It is not the Song of Blade and Heroes card game. It is Fortebraccio, a card game about battles during Medieval times with Condottieri. Out in the first part of 2016. English version after. Here you can see it in playtest form, obviously.

The same day we went to Antani, a comic shop in Terni. A meeting with Carmine De Domenico (he works for Marvel) and Giuseppe Palumbo (Diabolik and Martin Mystere). At the begin they worked together, so this was an opportunity to meet again, even if approximately 25 years are passed.

A lot of people were there for free sketches, but I paid (relatively) a lot of money to obtain an exclusive drawing through a commission by Palumbo.

I believe that Palumbo is currently one of the best drawers around, so I am proud to possess an example of his art. In the future on the walls of my new house.


Happy New Year!

Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past, blogging about miniatures and life. Like every year I read the last year statements and I found what I was thinking about new targets. Something is still waiting to see the light since a lot of years, something is lost in Limbo, and more ideas and projects are born in the meantime. Conjectures about the new year are sometimes negated by time. However a lot of realisation by Ganesha Games are out now, as two Kickstarter and more of them are programmed. Among other collaborations as playtester, I’m in the work on the 2nd book of Ferrum et Gloria, an adventure for a Italian roleplay, an Italian edition with added materials for a classic game by GG. I was in a lot of conventions and I scheduled the next ones for all the 2016. Tournament season with DBA is definitely closed. The new house have absorbed energies and all my money, so no ambitious holidays next. What will happen? You will know reading these pages. In the meantime, Happy New Year!


Forum of Caesar

In this blog I don’t post photos of Rome because I’m born here, so I’m habituate to all this. And so I don’t think that I live in a so beautiful and ancient city. Moreover I can only think of how disgusting is management of Rome. Because I live here and it is not so easy.

In the Summer there are some tourist visits in places closed to public. As this one in Forum of Caesar. You can visit it together with a group following a multi-medial presentation played on walls. Headphones as audio. Externally you can look at people that moves silently among ruins.

In November the weather was not rainy and not so cold, then they prolonged visit time. However at night cold and humidity seeped through jackets.

Night is necessary for playing presentation. And lights are very suggestive. However in these photos you can see Colosseum and Forum and Market of Trajan. No Forum of Caesar photo. Well, I was too much involved in following the presentation…


Before Christmas

Something about December, almost in time. Among markets.

Here we are at the annual appointment with Più Libri Più Liberi. It is a big book fair with small publishers inside a building from ’40-’50 years. Surprisingly I didn’t buy books for me. Just a couple of days before I found some books so interesting that I declined purchasing there. However this is a source of rare gems that you cannot find in bookshops.

Japanese market is always cute to visit, especially in Christmas times. Here in a tea break at the Japanese street food vendor.

This is the ideal place where to bring females and a lot of money. We are males so only bought 3 fridge magnets and a bath towel.

Still in Fiera di Roma for artisans market in two pavilions. Among other things you can found delicatessen from various parts of Italy. I bought Christmas gifts mostly here. Food mostly. Here in a pause with a classic Sicilian dessert with ricotta cheese. After for dinner, tiella (a pastry with octopus and olives) from Gaeta and arancino (a ball of fried rice with mozzarella and other things as pistachio nut) from Sicily. Weiss Beer provided by a German speaking country, instead.


Lucca C&G 2015: cosplay [part10]

This blog is mainly about my life experiences about miniatures world and what is related at it. And I mainly use photos that I took with my cameras (3 different since the beginning, 5 years ago). But on this post I’m using those that I found on the web. Because even if I saw some of these cosplays I hadn’t time to explore this world. Duties. But my report couldn’t be complete without cosplay. So enjoy what follows.

So it is all folks. I repeat myself: Lucca Comics & Games is a great thing and you can’t understand it even if you are present all manifestation days. Next year I want to be here again. The day after of this year edition I started the countdown for the next one. In the meantime it is Christmas time now. So no more November posts, we are arrived to December blog reports.


Lucca C&G 2015: statuettes [part9]

These last posts are more involved in reviews about particular aspects of elements present in Lucca. There were so many things that every kind of report lacks always something. I’m reporting things near to the miniatures world, but I could speak only about comics, or living roleplay, or videogames, or tournaments. Reports slant of these posts is more related to things that stroke me. I didn’t took photos about all, and most of what is here were picked fast around. I had to be at my stand for demonstrate wargames. However I took some pauses. And these are things related to statuettes. As these heroes of my first years of life.

So many pieces around. And so many vendors of these things.

Collectors are males for the most, I think. So female statuettes are very frequent. Even sexy ones.

Some time ago I was thinking about some naval game in the space with vessels from anime. It is could be very interesting.

Since a couple of years you can find these dolls everywhere. In my opinion they are too much big to collect easily. Moreover they are infinite, with multiple and limited editions for the same character. Only for Flash I found 7 different pieces. As advantage I can say that you can found so many characters kinds from films, tv or comics that is impossible not to find something that you want. Doctor Who series is only one of the latest ones.

And now a more canonic 28mm miniature. It was in painting contest, the same where Bosio won 4 prizes. I like this one so much for the supreme colour use that emulate two different lights and different temperature.


Lucca C&G 2015: Gundam [part8]

Lego world meets Gundam world. And this is only one part of the constant influence of that anime on anime/comics/modelling fandom. A very active Gundam club in Italy exists. So we can find always new stuff on this world.

Speaking about modelling, here another example.

Gunpla is called the world of Gundam modelling. It is a sector in its own distinctive life. Here the latest proposals, as first Zion and Earth mechas showed in Origins, or as spheroid mechas from one of the infinite series inspired by original Gundam, as this Orphans. Prices were cheap, so I was tempted to buy something.

And now something more “hard” modelling related. These are Italian Zion inspired stuff by Kallamity. Complexity and beauty.