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Ganesha Games is not a lazy publisher. Well, something is missing in the schedule progress but we have a release every 2 weeks in the last months. Too many games to produce.

The English edition of Faustus Furius is out. And the Italian one? Due to work at job and at home, the translation process was slowed. But now we are at the final proofreading by Andrea. Than the editing by Nic. And after the final control, so the printing. Ready for Lucca.

More for Four Against Darkness. This is the first spin-off, a tale that is not in the same fantasy universe than other books. Here we have the same game engine but adapted to Arthurian quests. It is not a dungeon with paladins but a different kind of game. I like it more than the original one. In the future I wish to write a spin-off like this for gladiators.

After so many years finally we have got the first real OGAM supplement. Do you remember the Osprey game, you don’t? Here you will find an exhaustive book with Celts gods in an expanded version than that on the rules. Ready in the following week. If people is interested more will be preprepared.


OGAM: Ragnarok

Odhinn, Thorr, Loki, Surtr! We played a new scenario for OGAM based on Ragnarok, the final battle between Norse Gods and the forces of chaos. We were with our friends from Macerata at RomaGioca. Previously we played this scenario during my and Diego’s birthday. Since then I discussed with Diego for tweaking some dynamics. So this time we had something better. This scenario will be in the next issue of Talespinner magazine. Here some photos took during the game. Miniatures and terrain from various makers.


2 birthdays and 1 Ragnarok

And now the birthday report! And an Of Gods And Mortals mega-game. Here my birthday cake with a 44 sign and a candle added: my mother couldn’t find the 5 to compose 45…

In the morning a party at work, in the evening with family. And Sunday with friends from university years. I organised the party at the local IKEA store. A novel meet with shopping. Next year another eccentric location is in my mind.

Saturday instead a trip to Canino to play with Diego, Narciso and Andrea. The 2nd of July is Diego’s birthday, mine is the 3rd, so I like to organise a special day with friends and miniatures. This time we played with OGAM for a Ragnarok scenario. I built armylists and some rules for this event. The duty was even find and assemble our available miniatures and terrains for it. Two Aesir (Thorr and Odhinn) versus two giants progeny (Loki and Surtr) for more than 2600 points each side instead of 900. Huge.

Surtr the black arrives with Muspell people. The 9 worlds are in flame!

Utgard Loki at Yggdrasil roots!

More giants and trolls are on rampage!

Frost Giants versus heroes from Valhalla!

Bersekers smashed!

Loki is free on a cliff, ready for his tricks!

Pause. Launch at restaurant and than after-launch with ice-creams.

Thorr arrives to kill giants!

Odhinn the All-Father strike!

Aesir won! They are unbeatable by giant hordes. Something in the scenario didn’t run as we thought. However Ragnarok is not ended: Fernir still doesn’t eat the Sun. So we will propose a better Ragnarok scenario at RomaGioca, the 20th of September. Hopefully we will play against our friends from Macerata for another epic struggle.

And here what remains after the Ragnarok! An empty terrain…


Football Pantheon for OGAM

With the Football/Soccer World Cup looming I developed a way to play OGAM with football models. Football is like a religion with worldwide followers, with a God (the ball), legends (football players) and mortals (football fans). I chose iconic players with great skills and character.

The Football 308 points
Q 2 C 4 ambusher, combat master, free disengage, superspeed


Pelè 106 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (L), good shot, danger sense, legendary shooter

Diego Armando Maradona 106 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (L), good shot, free disengage, legendary shooter

George Best 110 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (l), good shot, drunkard, very difficult target, fire into melee

Éric Cantona 96 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (m), good shot, hammering blow

Roy Keane 94 points
Q 3 C 4 unique, shooter (s), dashing, hammering blow

Generic Golden Foot 80 points
Q 3 C 3 shooter (l), good shot

Generic Goalie 80 points
Q 3 C 2 invulnerability, rare (1)

José Mourinho 66 points
Q 3 C 2 unique, carrier, confound, smithy


Hooligans (OO or CO) 23 points
Q 4 C 2 dashing, fanatic

Pay-TV Subscribers (OO) 12 points
Q 4 C 1 fanatic

But how to build your army? Here some suggestions.

Subbuteo football players.

Eureka Miniatures’ football players:

Armorum & Aquila’s football players:

Warmacre’s hooligans:

Ainsty Castings AGGRO’s hooligans:

Offensive Miniatures’ hooligans:


Project Pantheon 1: Odin

A new kickstarter by Oathsworn Miniatures. This time for a Odin on Sleipnir in 28mm heroic scale. This one will be the first of a new miniature line about gods. They are planning to propose more gods for Of Gods And Mortals. In the first stance phase they will produce Norse gods as Thor, Loki, Hel, Tyr. And legends as Geri and Freki, and Huginn and Munin. After something about Greeks, Egyptians and Celts.
Pledge at


OGAM tournament in Macerata

More on the modelling fair in Macerata. On this post the focus is on miniature soldiers. In the photo you can find my mates Diego & Diego while they are looking for something to buy…

Some games were played around us. Here even a dungeon.

In the fair there was a chap that sculpt some lovely miniatures, but he didn’t know the world outside his region. Pity, he has great possibilities.

During these occasions you can found the same people from our circle, the vendors that trip around to sell wargaming related stuff. This is the lunch of the first day, before the opening of the fair. A fast but surprisingly good meal. Moreover that night our friends, that organised the fair, brought us to a wonderful restaurant on the hills around. Not so good the day after for the food, but the third day, in Col Fiorito on the way to home, we ate at an inn that we will remember for years to come.

Here our stand in the fair. A game of A Fistful of Kung Fu to refresh the rules in our minds.

Chillemi publisher’s stand. Speaking about some future collaboration.

I haven’t photos about the Of Gods And Mortals tournament. I have only this one about the winner of the third place, that curiously look as me. Even this year I have earned a cup, I can be pleased for the 2014.


Of Gods And Mortals – the website

This is not an April fool! Instead a new resource is available at this address:
It is the Of God And Mortals website! I made it, it is approved by Osprey Publishing and it is cured by Andrea Sfiligoi, the author of these mythological wargame rules. You can find on it: news about the game, game reports, miniatures and so on. And all the new materials to play: new pantheons (Inca, Japanese, Pre-Islamic Arabic so far, in the following Roman, Vudu, Aztec), more characters for the pantheons in the book (Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Norse), tournament rules, Q&A, errata, a datasheet list builder and what we will think to add in the future. It is the website to support this engaging game with updated materials and news. Follow it and play with OGAM!


We found that Of Gods and Mortals rules can be suitable as tournament rules too. They are more sophisticated, sly and depth than you could feel during the first reading. Tournaments are the final test for rules and OGAM is strong enough to allow a fast and interesting tournament play. This time we were in the games shop in Terni. I studied the rules to act better against other tournament armies. I was looking for a powerful combination of troops to win games. I chose Athena as god, Herakles and two generic heroes as legends, and Spartans and psiloi as mortals. I lose two on three games, but only for some mistakes, because I could win another game if I was more resolute. However I had a lot of fun and I think that I’m on the right way to develop better tactics for the tournament in Macerata: the next time I want to be on the top steps of the podium.