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The end is nigh for the kickstarter

Last days for the fourth kickstarter by Ganesha Games. Pledge now or never more. Here some other items available.

There are 6 different heads to make each possessed look unique. Even the same body can look very different with a different mask. The Possessed usually wear a demon mask resembling the appearance of the demon which possesses them. By donning the mask, they allow the demon to enter their body and control them. Although the dwarf’s body can be killed normally, the demonic spirit is tied to the mask. Another living person wearing the mask will allow the demon to control them as well. The demon can only be expelled by destroying the mask.

Character cards are included for each miniature in this project. This makes it easy to select characters for each mission and provides a summary of all the model special rules so you don’t need to flip through the rulebook during play.

As part of this project, there is the offer of a gaming surface from durable, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant neoprene rubber mat, the same material used for mousepads. The mat is only 1.5mm thick and is easy to fold or roll up for easy storage and transport. The surface is soft, so your minis do not get damaged when they fall, and the ‘grippy’ bottom makes sure the mat does not move around during play.
Regular games of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes are played on a 3’x3’ gaming surface covered with terrain. However, due to a large interest in a bigger mat, a larger 6’x4′ surface is available too.

Estimated delivery: November and December 2016. Yes, less than a couple of months.


Kickstarter new addictions

More miniatures are available for this new kickstarter. $18000 are needed to unlock all of them, but this amount will be surely reached at the end. So maybe something more will be out. The campaign in the book is based on these minis, so only after the kickstarter Andrea could know where the story entirely go.


Axe and Brimstone is a project to create a new range of 28mm fantasy miniatures representing Demon Possessed Dwarfs and Halflings for the popular ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES game system. Of course, the miniatures can be used with any game system, including RPGs, or even just collected for the joy of painting them.

AXE and BRIMSTONE is a narrative campaign for you to use these miniatures in ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES. It will tell the story of the Possessed (a group of evil, demon-worshipping dwarves) that are trying to summon their dark masters to the material world. In order to gather enough magical energies to open the gates to Zo, the region of the Netherwhere (Hell) where the demons are confined, the Possessed must offer a number of innocent souls in sacrifice. And what is more innocent than a village full of peace-loving, land tilling Halfling farmers?

ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES is the updated incarnation of the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes miniatures system, which was funded in our previous Kickstarter, Hammer and Forge. With these rules, you can play fantasy skirmishes in any scale, with any models you already own. With an easy to use magic system, an exciting turn sequence, an optional background setting, weapon rules, an open-source point system, and combat mechanics that keep players involved at all times, there is no limit to the epic stories you can create. If you do not already own the rules, you can get them as part of this Kickstarter.

The sculpts for the initial 14 miniatures have been completed. The funds from this Kickstarter will be used for production molds, materials cost and to print the AXE and BRIMSTONE book and game mat. If we exceed our funding goal, we will expand the number of miniatures and scenarios in the campaign. Three weeks to go.


Last 20 hours for mutants

The end is nigh! The third Ganesha Games’ kickstarter is almost to its end. I remember you the new edition of MUTANTS AND DEATH RAY GUNS together with the add-on PROJECT SIMIAN ULTRA X. And the 14 new miniatures about mutants for this radioactive age, mostly humanoid apes mixed with flying squirrels.

With $30 you can obtain these 5 miniatures. But if you pledge $60 you can pick up your choice of 15 miniatures on ALL miniatures, EVEN UNLOCKED miniatures!

This one instead is free.

Quick, you have only 20 hours…


MUTANTS AND DEATH RAY GUNS is a fast-paced, skirmish level, post-holocaust, science fantasy miniature system for two or more players. Based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics, the rules are simple and, above all, FUN.

With the kickstater a new print run of the game is available with a new cover. And more rules and scenarios are in an 80 page new book. You can find inside it the mutant apes and the other miniatures created with the kickstarter.

Moreover in the following hours there will be a news about the miniatures that we developed for the kickstarter.
Stay awake!
Look at the kickstarter page for it!
The last 24 hours before the end will be surprising…


Mutant Koala Bounty Hunter

Slowly than before, this kickstarter was funded. Not so big amounts of money to invest in miniatures, so one hundred of backers don’t emerge with their force. However there is still time to pledge here: PROJECT SIMIAN ULTRA X

In the meantime two chaps are pledging for 2 special figures that Ganesha Games realised following their desires. It is the GENETIC ENGINEER pledge. So Andrea design your very own mutant/engineered animal or plant miniature. The miniatures must be approximately “man size” (36mm high) but can be almost anything from your imagination. Then the sculpting of your creation. And you have 3 pewter copies, plus the original colour design artwork of your creation illustrated by Andrea.

The former is Til the Mutant Koala Bounty Hunter. Protected by partial scrap armour and a studded helmet, this dangerous, eucalyptus-chewing bounty-killer is an hyper-evolved koala with near-human manipulative paws. His paws let him use firearms and other equipment but are still animalistic enough to deliver nasty clawing and raking attacks. Til comes equipped with a chem slug-thrower, a short ranged, high-impact weapon that can fire a variety of ammunition. Boba Fett meets koala…

The latter is Jimbot-3000. Tasked with infiltrating human settlements, but not too bright, its idea of disguise was to rip off the face of a human and wear it as a mask. Needless to say, that did not work well. It is armed with a vibro-glaive that can easily disarm opponents or chop their heads off. Jimbot features a self-repairing ablative armour that can easily shrug off bullets, a super strong servo arm to crush opponents or move rubble out of its way, and legs equipped with shock absorbers for increased stability. For ranged combat, Jimbot-3000 has a four-barrel multilaser on its chest plate and a smaller pop-up needle-pistol hidden in an arm compartment.

More news on this ongoing kickstarter in the following days. In the meantime, after Play Modena, other appointments are on the way. This night a Ganesha Games demo at Mjolnir games shop, tomorrow the game design class held by Andrea, Sunday a full day at Romics comic convention. And in spare time, playtesting sessions at my new home.
Full reports in the future!



The new Ganesha Games’s kickstarter is here!

In the not too distant future, a secret military project was initiated to create a genetically engineered soldier that was specialized for stealth, reconnaissance, infiltration, and assassination. The project was known as SIMIAN ULTRA X and combined the DNA of ape, human, and flying squirrel.

You can now have these strange bio soldiers available in 28mm pewter miniatures to use in your favourite wargame or RPG system, or better yet, play the SIMIAN ULTRA X campaign which we have written along with this project using Ganesha Games, fast, fun, and exciting MUTANTS AND DEATH RAY GUNS post apocalyptic miniature skirmish rules.


Blood Reef

I want to bring to your attention the Blood Reef kickstarter by Antimatter Games:…/524168246/deepwars-blood-reef

Blood Reef is based on Deep Wars, that is a detailed variant of the Song of Blades rules. Antimatter licensed the rules and gave them their own spin. The end result is quite different from SOBH but has the same core rules.
The sculpts are terrific and Ganesha Games sculptor Paolo Fabiani is also working on this one.

But remember that tomorrow another kickstarter will begin, the Ganesha Games’s third kickstarter, on miniatures of anthropomorphic mixed apes with flying squirrel!!! And this is not an April fool joke!!!!!