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Folgore (El Alamein 1942) at 1/6

This is my Folgore action figure. When I projected the figure I was thinking to replicate something of the desert, the thirst, the effort of will of these men while they were stopping the British Empire offensive against them.

Here you can see the collar badges with the star. The helmet is with its Italian camouflage. There is a binocular too.

The pose is with the Fucile Mitragliatore Breda Modello 30. It was the standard light machine gun of the Italian Army during WWII. Upper the plastic 1/6 version, under the real one.

I have got one of these light machine guns in my arms. For a “light” it was pretty “heavy”, more than 10 kg of steel. People fired it even while it was in their hands. It was a matter of life or death, so it was like a plume.

On the back I put two canteens. The water, when they could have it, was transported in fuel drums, with fuel remains inside.

A sad thing. My doll was without feet. There was a problem with what I bought, and my father resolve it with new feet, hand crafted from a piece of wood. They are inside the boots so none can see it but the stability of the action figure is improved.


Torre Astura 67 years after

Exactly 67 years ago Torre Astura was part of the seaside where Allies landed. This was the landing known as landing of Anzio and Nettunia (now Nettuno). Italian forces fought among their German comrades to defend their land from invaders. I wear the Battaglione Azzurro uniform, Italian paratroopers. Main Italian forces were Barbarigo and Nembo.

Here, even with my chap Renato on a captured jeep, among the dunes of this historical beach. On the background you can see Torre Astura, a fortress built on an ancient Roman villa.

A lot of people dressed like Americans are present.

This is an organized group. It is quite easy to interpret Americans, you can find dresses and stuff. Our Italian uniforms are made by mother and wife and not bought in a shop.

Sophisticated accessories and a great cure in particulars. Here you can see radio equipment and a firethrower.

Today is a raining and freezing day. It is January, you know. Snow is on mountains at the end of the valley. We use trucks to go around. Without covers. A real war experience.

There are a lot of vehicles, jeeps and kübelwagens at most, and a delicious little Fiat car.

We move ourself in a convoy form among the street near the seaside. Astonished people cheers us. Even bitches along the way cheers us.

Other people at the HQ. There are some Germans, especially paratroopers, with a smart medic officer. Only an English present, but with a great mimetic uniform.

There are other events today and tomorrow but I’m busy with work. The landing go on. Only 60 km to Rome, but served 5 months to cover them. Our Axis troops were just not so weak…