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Lucca 2011: best of show

This one is the last post about Lucca Comics & Games 2011. I hope you appreciate my efforts to report this fair. After comics, games, gadgets, mecha, here there is the best of show. Only a selection of the best because we were surrounded by this best and you couldn’t take a photo of everything. Please, continue with this post only if your heart works fine.

The translation of the sign showed in the fair: “Pussycat of the day contest. Under unappealable and corruptible decision of the jury”.

Best pussycat of the day?

No more pranks. As the sign says: “Here pussy is first served”.

From this point on I present some photos I picked on the web. I cannot remind who took them, but if you want to know this and if you want more photos, on fair and cosplay, please go to Flickr.

Flickr: Album di luccacomicsandgames
Flickr: Lucca Comics & Games 2011
Flickr: Cosplay Italia


Lucca 2011: cosplay

Once upon a time comic conventions were a sad place for male geeks. Now no more. Here some images that I (almost all) took around the fair. People bring their photocameras and there is a run to take more beautiful photos possible about these wonderful and creative costumes.

The queue for the cosplay stage. A contest and an opportunity to show himself.

Look at the geta! I saw a lot of geta.

There is a man inside.


Lucca 2011: models

Someone think that Lucca Games is a fair for gadgets, boardgames or videogames, but there is a large attention to miniatures and modelling, you have to look better to realise it.

Here we have a heir of Blood Bowl: another ruleset, different miniatures, but the same result. I like this playing field, it has a a refined taste, with the square subdivision only suggested on the ground.

I like original ideas. These ones are skeletons on a tracker, but with a baywatch theme! Great!

Huh, the Doctor is in the fair. Old Black Tree miniatures brought to life in the painters section of the fair. They passed all the time painting. The next time I have to bring a miniature with me for them, just to have something well painted to remind the fair. This year there was a Sandokan miniature as miniature of the event, but I didn’t buy it, maybe because I don’t have plans for a pirate set. I’m stupid, I could buy it and have it painted just at the desk in front of Ganesha Games stand…

Cosimo Auricchio is the sculptor of TB Line miniatures. He is a free lance, a real artist, which sometimes sculpt even in 28mm format. Here you can see this skeleton pirate. Great miniature and great painter who highlighted the piece.

Cosimo sold dummies for sculptors, but there were others. I have not expectation on my skills as sculptor so I didn’t buy them. Narciso instead wants to try.

Inside Lucca Games there is Grogg, a coontest about modelling and painting. Here some examples of the historical type.

Do you want a bust of Thor? Every house must own its Thor bust. It is only 800 euros, limited production I suppose. Not so discreet.

WOG is the new incarnation of WOW. From the sense of wonder to an insult. Now Ares Games produce these aircraft for the popular game that was Wings of War, because Nexus Games went bankrupt. New production, some new fighters and bombers, a lot of bombers.

Preproduction models from China, that bomb us with cheap plastic toys.

Yamato in space. Huge ship, more than a simple model, it is big as a small torpedo…

Pikachu in a human form, as Japanese puppets imitate human forms. A play of mirrors…

Saint Seiya are puffs. I like only the temple in this scene, but a lot of people like these gold puppets more.


Lucca 2011: stands

Let’s start with a view on stands around.

Here my friend Narciso frozen among comics. There were a lot of old and new comics. Too many for a life.

I wonder if a human being can have the space to store all this stuff inside his house. And I wonder as mini-skirt change the way we perceive the world.

Manga ARE the comics. They are read by boys and girls, when other type of comics are read only by males. It was a great thing when girls started to read comics. It will be a great day when females start to play historical wargames.

A smart and funny comic about boys, girls and sex. Great drawings too.

A comic about William the Bastard. Well done. Here the author while was signing my book with a sketch.

Personalised prints by Frezzato, a great comic author.

Gay Zombies in Vatican City! This diy comic went sold out.

Ashley Wood paintings for sale!!! I’m a fan, I like his robots very much but I cannot afford a painting for 3000 euros. I have them printed in a book. I will continue to see them on a book and not on a wall.

Ashley Wood, Jamie Hernandez, Jack Kirby, Crumb… where is my bank account?

Linings for long pillows to hug. A sexy help from Japan to lone male geeks. Exists the same thing for females.

Mouse pads with tits. I bought that one down on the right. I have problems with my wrist so this can help.

Tanto Cuore (a lot of heart) is a card game about Japanese maids. Yes, it is weird as it seems.

T-shirts that hailing to bisexuality. However in the fair there were a lot of manga about homosexuality. I don’t know why.

Diabolik is the Fantomas or Arnesio Lupin of Italy, the king of thieves. Only that he is more dark. Since some years they lunched a line of gadgets. The note says:”Steal from Diabolik stand cause misfortune”.


Lucca Comics & Games: last call!

Lucca Comics and Games (October 28th to November 1st, Lucca, Italy) is one of the major geek-cons in the world, covering anything from comics, manga, action figures, anime, undressed girls (cosplay), RPGs, miniature wargaming, gothic lolitas, modelling, junk food, medieval arts, videogames, cardgames, aikido, boardgames, and so on.

I will be with the Ganesha Games crew (Andrea Sfiligoi and Sergio Laliscia) in the Historical Island wargaming area. There will be demo tables of Flashing Steel (pirates and privateers fighting over treasure on a beach), Mighty Monsters (monsters fighting on Monster Island as a volcano erupts), and Drums and Shakos – Large Battles (an army-level Napoleonic scenario played in 15mm scale). I will demo Zen Garden, the world’s smallest wargame (a small, handmade, play-right-out-of the box, super-condensed version of Ganesha’s core rules, played with 10mm samurai which I will sell only at conventions).

If I find a wi-fi point there will be some twit. See you here after the show with a full report and ton of photos!!! I hope I survive!!!!!


Romics 2011

I’m beginning to repeat myself on this blog… Well, there are a lot of annual appointments, so even this year we have an edition of Romics, the Roman convention of comics and cosplay (with some boardgames, wargames, videogames too). It was spread on 4 days, but usually I’m very busy, so I went only to the last day, Sunday. It is weird, but you live in full mode only far events, local events are always discriminated because they are easy to follow. So I passed one day for Romics while I will be present five days in Lucca for Lucca Comics and Games at the end of this month. However Lucca is maybe the greatest event for comics in Europe, and for sure the more important event of the year in Italy for cosplayers, comic fans and maybe even for gamers, even if there are sectoral events for gamers that are more significant for specific games (historical wargames, boardgames,…). But here we are speaking about Romics! This is Rome not Lucca! So what can I say? Romics this year was bigger and better: three hangars, one for comics and some games, one for videogames and fantasy (and sci-fi) re-enactment , one for cosplay contest.

There were a lot of people, with a huge amount of cosplayers. Romics is the comic convention of Central Italy, for sure. The only weak part is the cultural one, because there aren’t seminars, presentations and these sort of things. And there are only a few publishers, because the structures are very expensive and they can wait 30 days for cheaper and bigger Lucca. However I had fun, I spent an entire day in that bedlam and I wasn’t tired of nothing. When you have fun you don’t feel fatigue, so I stayed inside for 5.5 hours always walking around, absorbed by thousands of visual stimuli.
The photo was took at the end of the day, so you can see the floor. Instead during the day there were more people, you couldn’t easily walk among stands.

I passed even a scary moment. The place of the event is in a nowhere land between Rome and the coastal part of the city hinterland. There is a railway to the airport with a stop to the new fair of Rome. Sunday there are less train available, although a big convention as this one can running. At the station the trains were late. After a long wait passed the train before. Full at doors. After others 15 minutes, our train. When we arrived, 40 minutes late for a trip of 30 minutes, at the Fiera di Roma station we found the people of the previous train still on the little train platform because they couldn’t easily exit. And so you couldn’t exit from the train. The station exit is a metal stair to a metal bridge, very narrow. People, to exit quickly, crossed tracks or climbed over fences between a small swamp, dry in this season. When I reached the stairs a third train arrived on the train platform. So I began to walk on the bridge. All the structure vibrated. Too much. For a bridge it is not the best. I couldn’t go back. So I went straight. No railwayman, no vigilant, no fireman, no policeman. This is the classical situation that you read on newspapers, with dead people in it.
Three hours trip from my house to the inside of the fair. At the return with a car in the middle of traffic only one hour and a bit more.

Let’s go with more easy stuff. I spoke about cosplay. I took some photos but they cannot give you the real aspect and atmosphere of the event. So if you want to see more go on flickr!

A company from ancient D&D roleplay times, but in 2011! With more women than when I played it…

Another transposition from world of games, a real life dimension for Cluedo.

Victorians in the future: streampunk…

Teen X-men, with a wheelchaired friend like Professor Xavier.

Star Wars is a real cult, even a religion in Australia (the Force. Here we have the 501st Legion, the Italian re-enactors. I like the imperial armoured troops and dislike the rebel scum in bathrobe.

An AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport), not in a real 1:1 scale as they said, maybe in 1:2 scale. However a great view.

Some cosplayers are real professionals. There are a lot of contests and some designate participants to finals. The girl in the middle was the Italian representative to a big contest in Nagoya, Japan.

The queue for the final parade only for who survived after various selections. For the tension of the moment a girl cried. And the make-up dripping.

Another view. The last adjustments.

A female centaur. Very sweet.

I admit that, other the appreciation for the work behind the costumes, the fantasy and the dedication to this hobby, I like girls. So here I had no difficulties to admire them.

At the end I was so used to see girls in bikini that I didn’t give attention to some of them, only the pretties…

I took photos that I cannot show here. A hard choice, I have to censure myself because this is not a porno blog with young exhibitionist girls. Instead I have no photos of comics, because I was distracted by costumes. If you want exposed sex, see what are doing Batman and Robin in the green castle.

The mess after the party. On the ground you can see a lot of cups for ramen (Japanese spaghetti). Japan is idolised so every thing from Japan is good, even ramen for two euros.

Appointment to next year for Romics, to next month for more comics, cosplay and games in Lucca. With a presentation of Zen Garden added to them!


Lucca 2010: best of show

lucca 2010

lucca 2010

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Lucca 2010: cosplay

lucca 2010

You must think about one thing: all the time involved in the making of the costumes. It is a hard work of needle and sewing thread, a dressmaking work by improvised milliner, long as our miniature projects. I can see impressive realisations, an high quality that astonish.

lucca 2010

The contest was in the open. A long queue to show your costume and your play over the stage. People have wi-fi microphones and musical bases, contact lens and hour of preparation in front of a mirror. It seems something more serious and professional than a simple passing. People here is what they want to be and not what they are in normal life.

lucca 2010

This area was free access and while the show went on, others were making their show in the street.

lucca 2010 lucca 2010

Infamous Red Skull (nazi a go go!) and space vessel Yamato with its captain inside!

A demon boy from Go Nagai (15° and a freezing wind, and this mad was naked!) and Lego Batman (there is man inside!)

lucca 2010 lucca 2010

Umbrella Academy is a big group with tent, customized van (!), special effects, shop!

lucca 2010

Empire strike back twice!

lucca 2010

Down with the Jedi fags! Long life to Empire!

lucca 2010

Captain America beware, there is the Red Skull around!

lucca 2010

DC comics instead of Marvel comics here. Enemies of Batman.

lucca 2010

I think he cannot pass through a port. He had a personal mechanic to set his removable parts…

lucca 2010

TigerMask! Directly from the Tiger Lair!

lucca 2010

A spiderwoman. Dangerous I think.

lucca 2010

I saw two Jesus Christ in Lucca. Not only mystic visions, but double mystic visions!

lucca 2010

A tea with Alice. They brought the teapot and the table from home…

lucca 2010

On Sunday, because of the rain, the contest went on inside an ancient palace, but I was inside the games pavilion all the day.

Tomorrow more interesting cosplay…