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Some images of domestic playing sessions to playtest games by Ganesha Games, almost the only situation to play something. Here below Hexenhammer.

4 against darkness, but against a man-tiger.

Some game pieces by Narciso.

Hexenhammer again. I played almost 20 games until now.

Playtesting pizza.

Sellswords in a post-apocalyptical version made for Lucca Comics & Games, maybe even for you a day or another.

A grey alien hunt scenario for Palaeo Diet Ice Age.

More playtest in future posts…


Reunion, comics, Terni and Canino

Some different things under one post.

Another visit to Terni in Antani comicbook store. Palumbo was here again then he sketched for the public.

The day after we went to visit Narciso at his home in Canino. He is one of the members of our old club Legio Palatina. In the meantime a marathon was held under the windows of it. A little bit noisy is living next to the finish line. However we playtested SellSwords, eat pizza, and then playtested Palaeo Diet. No, pizza is not an allowed food in the Palaeo Diet.


Damon in Rome

Damon went to visit his Ganesha Games colleagues here in Rome for two times from Malaysia, at the end of 2016 and at the start of 2017. Here in the photo a cocky Roman seagull saw during his tourist visit.

Here we are in ARSM club headquarters for some playing. Together with us Damon’s wife and Luca with his two hooligans. Rogue Stars and Run from the Dead on the menu.

Some time after, and some degrees up, at my home for more playing. And to test Star Eagles with 3D printed ships.


Weekend with bunnies

I’m returned from Lucca. Still alive, almost. New adventures are waiting us, but now it is better to narrate the old ones. As this long weekend with Andrea in Rome. The time to do something related to miniatures and something different.

In spare time we dedicated our efforts in playtesting for Ganesha Games. Now I have got a real 180×120 table to use over my kitchen table. The test was so even for the new table.

The Friday night we had a presentation of the new edition of the class on game writing. Together with Andrea another Andrea, of Wing of War fame.

We were in a museum of modern art where once a month they organise Macro Games Night. Inside the museum restaurant, people can eat, and then play with boardgames and wargames. A great suggestive location, a terrace in the middle of building built at the start of 1900. Young people everywhere, a lot of games. I haven’t photos of that night, pity.

The day after, in the first afternoon we played a game of Rogue Stars with the restaurant owners. We used one of the tables for buffet. Note dishes and cutlery under it.

The Saturday night we tasted in a new shop near my house a Chinese delicatessen: bubble tea. It is really weird, but I can taste it here instead to go to Taiwan. So I save a lot of money.

And Sunday was the day for a fair about bunnies. Their owners have an occasion to meet and to present real field to their little friends.

How to test your bunny with a high hurdles if bunnies are not interested in high hurdles?

To end, a photo of a really nice chap.


X-Wing in Canino

It was a long time that we wished to visit our friend Narciso in Canino, former Legio Palatina chap. During this Summer we found the way to do it. And to play with something all together. This time we try his last passion: X-Wing.

He and his local friends (two children too) have a huge collection of starships and cards to give them more customisation. I liked the two games that we played. I never tried it before. This is a Wing of War evolution without due credits. Too much cards maybe, I would prefer a straighter play. It is simple, please don’t do it complicated. However I died with infamy all the two times…

A beautiful day, with a pizza launch and friendship. A note: Andrea was involved in a Pokemon Go hunt with the two children too…


Playtest, demo and class

Here the report of a long weekend with Andrea in Rome at my new, and still almost empty, house. We rallied a lot of things and events in 4 days. To begin, we held some playtests about next Ganesha games. This one is about mutant apes.

And this one is about that old project that we are developing through these last years. Maybe this one is the final effort. However we are speaking about 2017.

Other things were tested and other ideas were submitted. Diego join us for a couple of half days and this is a moment of relax in a patisserie.

We passed the Friday night at a game shop in the opposite part of Rome. Andrea presented his kind of games with a demo of Advanced Song of Blade and Heroes.

Here the Mjolnir shop and an exposition of Ganesha Games books. They are too much to show, indeed. Free apple pie for everyone. However chatting went from Friday to the first hours of Saturday…

Saturday afternoon was the time for the class on game design. In this photo Andrea seems a priest on a pulpit.

After the lesson, a direct check to the game projects of the people. There are very different ideas and kinds of games, with Andrea and the organisers that are trying to address them to their realisation.

And the Sunday was the time for Romics. But that is another post…


Legio Palatina reunion

Even this year we celebrated a Legio Palatina reunion. Partial, as usual due to logistical problems. We were in Canino, at Narciso’s house. Special guests Andrea from Terni, and two Narciso’s friends for a visit.

We were still in solstice holidays (Christmas and so on for almost two-three weeks) mood so a mjed bottle and pandoro before the battles. And while Narciso is picking some miniatures, Diego is picking a pandoro slice.

As first instance a couple of playtest games of Fortebraccio. Still minor tweaks on cards. When will have illustrations on cards this game kills. We like it very much. Expansions are planned. In June we will play it in a tournament in Perugia. The game is designed to celebrate the Saint’Egidio battle of the 12th of July 1416. 600 years ago. The game is commissioned by Perugia comune.

After pizza at lunch, in the afternoon a mega battle with HOTT. We didn’t remind all the rules because we are more DBA chaps. But the emphasis was on fun. Sadly my faction (Chaos) was exterminated by misfortune. However I lost my Fortebraccio game too. I don’t care, it was a great day.


Another Legio reunion

Easter was another opportunity for a Legio Palatina reunion. Luca is back from London thanks to UK holidays and his wife researches for the new annual edition of Rome guide book. Narciso had to work for my house but his laziness produce no effort to finish house blueprints. However he appeared for dinner. Diego instead was near his house. Evening in the local miniature shop. After pizza. Last drink in a roasted good store.