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Projects: viaduct and arena

I started to speak about these two projects a long time ago. Now I can give you some updates. The former is the project for an arena for my gladiators, the latter is the viaduct for Flyton, the fictional town where I want to set my battles with miniatures.

At the last Hellana I could meet some friends of mine, as Filippo, that gave me this present, a prêt-à-porter arena made of cardboard from a box for computer equipment, a sheet for railway modelling with engraved regular stones, a touch of spray paint that create the stone effect. And his skills for assembling all in this attractive form. Three doors are made with toothpicks or other little wood bars. The final touch is the waterproof wood-like coating of the external surface with some sort of adhesive sleeve. I will utilise this arena for presentations or other similar contexts, because it is built to be portable. I have to give it some final touches to complete the global aspect. Now all is flattened on a single tone. I want a sand colour for the base, the same of the gladiator bases used for my fighters. I must buy more Vallejo “dark sand”, I suppose. And I wish a reddish brown for the walls. When I will do it? I’m thinking to bring with me this arena to explain the rules to my future playtesters. So very quickly! I’m almost in the external playtest phase.

Do you remember the viaduct? Fabio was building it with his family help, but he is always so busy with his job (and the TB Line, and Anticamente) that these polystyrene blocks were remained at the bottom of the to do list. Finally he gave me the unfinished materials so I can realise the model. Fabio printed some sheets with the brick motive to create the missing parts. The work is not so complicated to complete, there are some pieces to be glued. Flyton city is still without houses and gladiators are more urgent, so this viaduct is something that now must wait for better times. Maybe next year, this is the year of “Zen Garden”, “Ferrum et Gloria” and “Song of Spears and Shields”, only to mention the main Ganesha Games rulesets on the works where I am “slightly involved”…


Play Modena 2011: the day after

The fair is ended. Like all finished parties, the mood is a little bad. The other days the hotel was full of people and friends (and late night games were setted in the hall), this morning we are alone in the breakfast room. I see the desk and only 7 keys aren’t in position on 114 rooms. Mondays are always empty of holidays mood.

We want some souvenir of Modena’s food so we find a local supermarket and spent 150 euros in aceto, gnocchi fritti and other cholesterol sources.

On the road to home there is Bologna and the Museo Memoriale della Libertà (Memoir of Liberty Museum). It is a place with a private collection of vehicles like this Sherman (it is still in order) that you maybe watched in “La vita è bella” flick.
There is even a place with sequential rooms where was in action animated scenes about WWII in Bologna. Very suggestive and with real deactivated weapons.
The museum was closed but it opened for us. The guardian is a picturesque ex soldier of fortune of Algeria and Indochina wars. We woke him after a night shift…
More here

Near the museum there is Fabio and his headquarters.

I took some pictures in his office. Instead of the real work about software and pharmacology you can see little soldiers everywhere. And some previews about his TB Line. They are real photos, the office is invaded by these little things.

And here there is my viaduct, blocked. Too many things to do in these days. I told it goodbye, I will see you in the following months.

After this visit, Fabio offered us a heavy dinner on the hills around Bologna. I ate crescentine until my stomach permitted it. Thanks Fabio!

Five hours after I was at home, a little tired… next stop is for Agliana, next Sunday!


Where is the viaduct?

Fabio is a little busy with a new project he will present at Play Modena (and after to Hellana), a huge scenario for Anticamente about Romans. So he has forgot my viaduct. Shame on him! This is the last image that he sent me. I hope I see the final result at Modena at the end of March…

Chess? What means…



It’s time to cook! Oh, no, it’s time to put some weight on the arches to straighten them. You can see the result here.

Too much weight and the arches could open wide. Beware of this!

Here you can see three pieces of the viaduct with the printed surface on the upper part. This can strengthen the polystyrene brick.

And here the first piece with the printed sides. The work goes on…


Cleft on the arches

It’s time to attach some paper with bricks pictured! The first pieces are those under the arches. On the pictures you cannot say the differences between the printed bricks and the coloured edges. I think it is almost the same at strict distance.

The horror, the horror! The arches are warped! The glue and the paper deformed the form of the arches!

You can see the arch without the paper attached (with the straight pillars) and the arch with the paper (with a cleft).

But our master of polystyrene found the solution! He put a thickness made of polystyrene, with the regular distance between the pillars, under the arches, so the fold of the pillar is pushed at the right form. After he attached the paper with bricks on the point of contact of the sections of the viaduct. The surface stress of this paper and glue, combined with the thickness, put the pillars in the right position. You have to wait the stabilization of the piece and after you have the job done.



When you apply the adhesive paper you could have some spaces not covered by the sheet. And under there is white polystyrene, very evident the difference. So is best to find a colour similar to the bricks and paint the edges.

Even for the forex you have to do the same thing. In the end of the table you can see a Hello Kitty bag. It isn’t essential to make borders, but maybe it can be useful.


A viaduct in Bologna

While Fabio was around Bologna, he saw a viaduct and took a picture. He holds that his viaduct is not a English one but a Bolognese one. Flyton’s viaduct is built in Bologna, innit? So, Flyton is in the land of tortellini? Or this type of construction is only typical of England?
Well, I found the answer. Viaducts are a Roman thing, because we invented this use for arches. And nothing more 😉


All for viaduct!

We are working for you! The man from Bologna have involved all his family for the sacred duty to build a viaduct for Flyton. You can see in their fierce look a determination to work until the last brick will be fixed! Even children are ready to cut and paint. Well done!

On the other hand you must think about this man while he persuaded his children to pose for this picture, and his wife while took the picture. Madness caused for too much lead is evident! And I’m guilty for this heavy duty about polystyrene and card.

The building go on. Here you can see the printed parts on adhesive paper, cut to be ready.
And for parapet, Fabio bought a forex sheet (a semi-rigid sandwich: two cardboard with sponge inside).
More on arrival through mms!