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It’s Ferragosto time!

The Summer day of the year! This year no Summer holidays due to new house refurbishment. But this day is always holiday!
And as every year the post with amenities (miniature soldiers are a serious thing indeed).

This is a new great entry in trash world. Andrea Diprè is a bloke with a loser look, and he is involved in porno stars and weird chaps interviews. He claims to be addicted to sex and drugs. He is very funny and the unequivocal proof of brain damage with the abuse of illegal substances. Together with him you can find Sara Tommasi. She was a TV actress famous only for her body. Now she is out of mind. She lives in the same city where live Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games. And here they sing their Summer song where they say: “come with me inside my privé, coke and tramps even for you”. Real culture!

The myth! Richard Benson is back with a record and a great hit. Like a paraplegic king on his throne, he moves his club and gnash his teeth. This song is about his fear for dwarves. We sing it during Ganesha Games work for the upcoming kickstarter about dwarves miniatures and rules.

And now Andrea Diprè interview Richard Benson in English. So you can understand their greatness. Have real fun during this Summer ; )


More works at home

I’m speaking not so much about miniatures and games. Maybe because I’m busy with other things and I’m not playing at all. However.

More work at home, more money spent, more sweat of bricklayers in this hot summer. Something now appears, the final shape of the house is built. I’m waiting a small credit line to continue, while flooring materials and kitchen structure is scheduled for delivery during September.

On the wall, near the wood table and plastic chair, you can see the form of a door, a bricked over door. No particular secret or treasure house. At the origin this house was with another room.


And now they are 46

Another birthday. I never have enough of these. Life is a good thing and it is great to add another full year to it.


Destruction and rebuilding

After a couple of posts about the building of an arena for your gladiators, now an update about the building of my new home. Refurbishing works are started. My mate Narciso designed a new house plan, even if we bumped in some snags. After I solved part of bureaucratic and financial problems with a lot of strive. So we passed to brick work.

Old partition walls were destroyed and new ones were traced.

Now we can imagine which will be the final spaces of the house. In the meantime old house features are overlapping with new ones in a weird mix of old and new. There is still a lot of works to do and money to spend. Who knows me say that now I am only speaking about money loss for all this. The goal is to have something fit to live in before Christmas. And we are still in Spring…


New miniature house

In this beginning of the year something is changed. As I say before, I needed a new mobile, so these below are photos took with my Sony Z3c. No more blurred photos I hope. And now I can surf the web and use services by Android apps as public transports infos or To Do organisers. Glorious days with my Samsung Wave are ended. I bought it at the start of this blog and it was together with me in all the past events documented on these pages.

Another thing in my life is this new house where to put my miniatures. I bought it at the end of February and now I’m thinking how to refurbish it. So less time for miniature related things and a lot on home building problems.

I found wallpaper even in the kitchen and bathroom. As you can see, ghosts of lost pictures are on the walls.

In the corner even a ghost of a CRT television.

All structures are old, tubes are almost rotten, wallpaper smells of cigarette smoke. So I must demolish all, walls too, and start again with a modern house. However the terrace is open on a large square. On the left, behind trees, the Istituto Luce, headquarters of news services of the years before TV. At the end the volcanic hills where Latin started.

This is new step in my life. More news in the future.


Carnivorous plants

Something that I like to show you even if it is not directly related to miniatures. Carnivorous plants are common in pulp or sci-fi on jungle planets, indeed. But how they are? During a really recent trip to Padova I went to the Orto Botanico di Padova. Founded in 1545 by the Venetian Republic, it is the world’s oldest academic botanical garden that is still in its original location. In the new wing of this garden, inside a new greenhouse building, there was a convention about carnivorous plants organised by Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore. I’m used to miniatures or comic conventions and I found this one with the same spirit. So I could admire these strange plants that drink distilled water and eat rotten insects. Lots of kinds of carnivorous plants exist. I show here some together with their trap system.

It is like a beartrap, and it uses the same activation method. Every pair of closed leafs is a victim more.

Small spheres made of glue along leafs. And insect that slowly are absorbed on them.

The following three are based on the same principle: one way cones or recipients where insects are attracted and cannot escape, plunged into a sticky liquid.

Bigger recipients. They remind me a vagina. Attraction and death.

Dangling recipients big as 1/2 litre bottles! They seems threatening…


Female armours

Today is Ferragosto time again! This day is dedicated to holidays at sea and pig out with really heavy food, sometimes dangerously deadly for the extreme temperatures of the day.

Bikini is the dress for girls during these days. And I have to confess that I saw the last Star Trek film only after I saw this picture. I don’t mind about pointed ears, this is better. The right advertising campaign, I believe.

Always on the girl dressing, I wish to speak about female armour. How we know it from comics and films it is obviously useless. But crucial if they want to have a male public who read comics and watch films. Yes, these female armours are unreal, but even females that wield a sword is an inconceivable thing. Please, turn off your political correctness and enjoy the spectacle.
And now a fun video about the protective capabilities of a female armour!

For a more deep debate on this topic go here.


Ding dong!

The right thing to do is the privatization of the state funeral, that would be more according with her school of thought!