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Armoured BUF

Still tanks for the ’30 civil war.


Flying Leons

Always for VBCW setting. Royalist tank.


CTV: armoured section

I think that I finished arenas for miniatures that I found on the web. So now some miniatures of mine. These are for my Very British Civil War setting, a fictional civil war in a Dis-United Kingdom in the ’30 with Mosley fascists in power. And an Italian contingent was there to help their comrades against communists and royalists.


Stone walls by Stronghold

Mainly I speak about gladiators and fairs. This time I want to show something about other wargame stuff of mine: resin stone walls. The best around.

The attention to painting soldiers have to be employed for terrain too. Instead terrain in wargames is subsidiary to miniatures, so soldiers usually fight on a flat surface, green coloured. Some small trees simulate woods, broken houses are randomly scattered around. We have to invest our time and money on terrain. The only complication is the space required to store terrain, less flexible than the necessary space to store miniatures. I’m still building my city for wargames. Space is what I need. Rather than large buildings I dedicated my attention to walls, that are a vertical obstacle on the battleground. I chose those ones by Stronghold, a small Germany company.

A friend of mine brought me these colours with earth tones. They are pastels with watercolour feature. I and my father draw every stone of the walls with a random effect. The result look a bit too heavy as contrast.

Then I washed all with my personal magic wash paint, obtained by acrylic wax for parquet, matt acrylic paint and chestnut ink. Due to watercolour feature, the coloured dusts melted. Moreover the paint amalgam them with surface. So the contrast was attenuate. Every stone has its characteristic tone, but all look realistic.

A photo with a RSI Folgore soldier with his camouflage uniform. You can look at painted walls and their available variants: a destroyed wall with broken and deformed railing; a gate with moving doors with a curved shape. However this railing with upper points is awesome. And absolutely not boring.

I like these walls so much that I bought a long circuit of them. Their modular system allow walls to be composed in various ways. I’m sure that they are a nice touch to my battleground. And now I stored them inside a old rigid plastic case for video beta tapes. It’s not this on the photo, it’s a very compact box.
If you want similar walls go to Stronghold shop.



To add more terrain to your playground an original choice could be a billboard. It is easy to build: a flat vertical surface with a couple of poles to carry it. But I found a more sophisticated billboard by Pardulon, with a metal structure as poles, bolted to a concrete base.

Another view, from behind the advertise.

It has a 8x5cm surface that can be magnetised with strips. So, using metal card as base where to glue paper posters, you can change message and feature.

I made 10 posters using font icons and downloaded images, all elaborated through Photoshop and printed with a normal printer at 300dpi. They are themed for the future games that I will play. I’m thinking to do the same thing for posters to add to external houses walls.


Projects: viaduct and arena

I started to speak about these two projects a long time ago. Now I can give you some updates. The former is the project for an arena for my gladiators, the latter is the viaduct for Flyton, the fictional town where I want to set my battles with miniatures.

At the last Hellana I could meet some friends of mine, as Filippo, that gave me this present, a prêt-à-porter arena made of cardboard from a box for computer equipment, a sheet for railway modelling with engraved regular stones, a touch of spray paint that create the stone effect. And his skills for assembling all in this attractive form. Three doors are made with toothpicks or other little wood bars. The final touch is the waterproof wood-like coating of the external surface with some sort of adhesive sleeve. I will utilise this arena for presentations or other similar contexts, because it is built to be portable. I have to give it some final touches to complete the global aspect. Now all is flattened on a single tone. I want a sand colour for the base, the same of the gladiator bases used for my fighters. I must buy more Vallejo “dark sand”, I suppose. And I wish a reddish brown for the walls. When I will do it? I’m thinking to bring with me this arena to explain the rules to my future playtesters. So very quickly! I’m almost in the external playtest phase.

Do you remember the viaduct? Fabio was building it with his family help, but he is always so busy with his job (and the TB Line, and Anticamente) that these polystyrene blocks were remained at the bottom of the to do list. Finally he gave me the unfinished materials so I can realise the model. Fabio printed some sheets with the brick motive to create the missing parts. The work is not so complicated to complete, there are some pieces to be glued. Flyton city is still without houses and gladiators are more urgent, so this viaduct is something that now must wait for better times. Maybe next year, this is the year of “Zen Garden”, “Ferrum et Gloria” and “Song of Spears and Shields”, only to mention the main Ganesha Games rulesets on the works where I am “slightly involved”…



How to find some vehicles for my armies? Well, go to a train modelling convention, buy a cheap car from car collector, re-paint it.

Here you can see a Bounduelle van. I don’t want a salad but war, so a touch of dark grey-green paint and it is ready for my BUF army. I don’t know what kind of van it is, but it appears to me like a design that fit in VBCW 1938 scenario, even if it is more probably from later years, around late ’50s I suppose. I don’t care about cars or vans, I prefer tanks.

It is a little small in scale, maybe 1:65 instead of 1:56, but it is good to the eye. I painted red crosses on it because I wanted an ambulance to give to the play another variation. Rules about pick up of wounded…

And speaking about me, I have problems with my ADSL connection since Friday, so I can use only an emergency substitute (steal not protected WiFi from neighbourhood, briefly and only when I find it). I need an ambulance too because I’m addicted to lead and to internet…


Flyton examples

If you can remember, I’m building a city for my 28mm soldiers, Flyton. Well, a city is a big prospective, I’m only thinking about a wargame table saturated by buildings for an urban set. I like the design of British cities, as I like Very British Civil War scenario, so I wish to reconstruct a part of them for my gaming goals. Since a couple of years I’m looking for the right terraced houses models in 1:56 (28mm) scale. I found cardboard designs for railway modelling, resin blocks, shaped MDF. But I haven’t reached a decision yet. In the meantime I started other projects, but I want to build this one once for all. Maybe in the following months I will take bricks and wood to start my city.

Here I want to show you some real masterpieces, inspiring art for my Flyton. I found these images on two posts on two forums:
Pendraken Forum
Gentlemens Wargame Parlour

Taken from Smoggycon 2011. 28mm

The same convention. Irish Civil War by Border Reiver Club. 28mm

From Phalanx 2011. 20mm

Another game with almost the same buildings. 20mm