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Magna Con Phersu: Universal Carrier

More photos about the ruined Universal Carrier on the grass of the entry of “Città della Domenica” in Perugia.


The last Saturday we went to Perugia, or better, in a huge amusement park on a hill facing Perugia. It is called “Città della Domenica” (Sunday City), one of oldest amusement parks in Italy. It seems a piece of the sixties in the 21th century. The name and the style of buildings and attractions are from my childhood times, a long time ago. And in these months this place is closed because now we aren’t in the right season, so it is empty. Have you ever watched “Life on Mars”? It is a similar situation. Well, it is still working on so dusts of time was not total.

We were there for “Magna Con Phersu” (Phersu Great Convention, but in Italian is something like “eat with Phersu”), a small convention about wargames and boardgames with a lot of tournaments. Small but heart felt. There were some lego games on sale, one game about bunga bunga, some demonstration tables. More on a following post.

The sad side of conventions and tournaments is that you see only the place of the event and nothing more. You can travel for hundreds of kilometres but after you can remind only the room where you stayed about that distant place. Here Perugia in the mist on the other side of the valley. A beautiful city, if you can visit it…

We are in the middle of Italy, among mountains. What means this navy war relict here? Fun for families? If you are a collector the space available in your home is never enough, so you have to place something at the workplace…

What they did to this Universal Carrier? Maybe it was used as an attraction for people, a tank to ride, so they customised it in this way. A honest war career throw on this hill. The engine is still inside but I think it is impossible to move it now. However no rust but grass grow on the floor.

Another carrier or artillery tractor, I can’t recognise it. Large tracks, so it is at least from the last years of the war.
At the end a huge reptilarium with a circular form, flags on the top and Maya decorations…