This is the last post about Lucca. Wow, I wanted to publish only some pics but instead I covered all the event with 14 posts! And to make this I spent a lot of time. I don’t want to pass all my time on this blog, I have other things to do! I had so much fun in Lucca and I wished to show you the feel that remains in me. From the last year, when I stayed in Lucca only a day, I wanted to stay the full period of the convention. I waited an entire year, so this was very important to me.

lucca 2010

My game was present in Lucca too. I took with me the miniatures, the rules and my portable arena! Lucca games was so huge that I think only a few noted me and my fighters. Another time I must bring with me some hostesses undressed like female gladiators and it will be a full success.

I presented the game but I’m still not full ready with the rules and the heat and the chaos were not the best situation to explain it. It was only a taste of water. I was in Lucca too and this is the important thing.