The 14th I played a boardgame session with my chaps Paolo and Francesca. It was a lot of time that Franci wanted to play something at her house but I had too many tournaments and conventions. We had the classical game afternoon fuelled by popcorns, 500gr of crisps, cocacola and pizza (for dinner).

fabrik manager

I enjoyed my game with Fabrik Manager. It is a German game with an original industrial set. You must manager a factory and you win if you have more money than others after the last turn. I’m very good with games where there is to save money! Well, this game is very interesting, everyone has a platform that is his factory and you must progress with the production. You must buy resources to produce goods in a better and bigger way, and these tiles are chose with a strategy by the players.

fabrik manager senji

After the building of production in factories we set a game with Senji in feudal Japan. It is a sort of better Risiko with diplomacy and trade driven by cards. A sandglass beat the time to this phase so you haven’t too much empty time for the exchange of cards between players.


I think this game is better with more than 3 people, 5 people maybe is the best, but I fear the game flux slow a bit with more than 3 players. However it has some countermeasure to bring the Risiko concept inside a better set with more calibrated rules and other strategies to win besides mindless and endless war. Throw away Risiko and play Senji!


I win the two games with secure victories. I understand quickly what to do to win. Easy but not stupid games, and overall a happy afternoon.

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