You can view here 1/6 action figures of WWII. The owner, a friend of mine, was a paratrooper when he was serving in the army and so he is interested to this branch of elite forces. And so I am after his example, as you can ascertain on other my posts.

These figures are very flexible and customizable, but not so easy to manipulate. We bought single pieces to create what we wanted. These are dolls to dress, and sometimes you can have some difficulties to do it. I broke a hand of one figure of mine while I was dedicated to make wear it a jacket. Well, the last year I almost broke a rib trying to wear a slim Afrika Korps shirt, so I think all is due to the weird uniforms of the Axis. 😉

Here there is a His Majesty paratrooper. This year in Nettuno I saw a man with this uniform and the camouflage was great. But not so great with this yellow light and on IKEA parquet. If we will have enough time we take better pictures with a realistic war scene.

Folgore in Africa. Enough said!

A fallschirmjager with his drop camouflage. Uh, it has not so good looking trousers. They was more wide than these. With a bit of cotton you can better recreate the effect. Another time.

These are the three first action figures on the battlefield. He has got another two more elaborated pieces to built: ardito paracadutista RA/ANR and marò NP Btg. Barbarigo X° MAS. I have got even my action figures, see it in a following post!