While I was surfing the net, I put on google a search about this blog and I found that exists on blogspot another blog with a name very similar to “lead-addicted”:

Well, I was surprised by this. At the start I thought that someone had the same idea for the name but using it with a contraction, for something based on lead addiction, that is to say something based on soldiers collecting and wargame. But when I opened the page I found that someone was speaking about addiction to “limited edition” apparel! So it is for fashion victims! I like the models, but I can’t understand the contents. Moreover this blog is so arcane, there aren’t explanations, only pictures. And I cannot understand why to pay outrageous posh prices for pieces of cloth only because they are produced by a famous label. I only understand to pay a lot of money for beautiful pieces of finely sculpted pieces, casted in lead and painted by real artists…