In the past months I playtested some new games from Ganesha Games as you can see in these pages in older posts. Now it is time of some releases as Mighty Monsters, but now only in Italian language because Andrea wanted to have a version to present in Lucca at the end of the month. In Italian it is called “Mega Mostri”. Another released game is Flashing Steel, but I didn’t test it. Swatters, aliens against terrestrial colonials, is almost edited. Playtests are ongoing for a new game in a post-apocalypse set bounded to a miniature factory. And Sergio is at work with Drums and Shakos Large Battles for the final version, but I suppose it will be ready only in another month. And more rulesets are in the works, as Song of Spear and Shield! In the meantime the new website of Ganesha Games is on line, but its narrow band caused some problems for the downloading of the rules in some peak moments. There is a lot of work for the society of seated elephant. More on arrival, like my limited edition Zen Garden.