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Blood & Glory

The first time I watch the ad I thought: “They have stolen my game!”. I passed a lot of time to find the name “Ferrum et Gloria” and now exists a gladiator game called “Blood and Glory”! What a surprise! For my fortune it is only a computer game and not a wargame, so my name is safe.

You can see on these two promotional shots what kind of wonderful graphic it has, and even that the fighters only resemble gladiators because it is a fantasy version of what ars dimicandi was.

I downloaded this game for my Ipad. It is very nice because of the fighters great design and for the glamorous feel it give. But it is even a simple and classical coded fight between two digital puppets and nothing more. Boring to me. It is a feast for the eyes so I don’t care if I don’t play it, I see only the graphic and it is enough. It seems a free game but you can’t get past a certain point without spending real money to buy special abilities. It is another way to sell games: pay to have more levels, pay to play more. The sad thing is that at the end you will pay to play this game a lot of money little by little.

In the meantime I’m thinking about my gladiator game. Every time I re-take it after some time I find some new idea to improve it, so you are waiting to have something very special…


Magna Con Phersu 2011: Ganesha Games

Perugia is in Umbria, the same region of Terni that is also know as the city of Ganesha Games. So it was easy to them to arrive in the game convention Magna Con Phersu. Me and Diego, with the special guest Nunzio, were from Rome, far 2 hours by car from Perugia. Here you can see the Ganesha Games area in the first morning.

Flashing Steel is presented with a special setting that utilise Ainsty Casting ships and new boarding rules for a Flashing Steel future supplement. No sails because models arrived only few days before the convention so there wasn’t time to make them.

Another setting. Here the wonderful vineyard made by Sergio. He prefers red wine because he made purple grapes. After I saw this beauty I discovered that I need a vineyard for my miniatures too… My surname comes from the name of grapes!

Drums & Shakos Large Battles is in the final translation and layout stages. You will have it for the beginning of the new year for sure. Here another demonstration table without rules to show to people in a definitive book form. And another game with Diego who wanted to try the latest tweaks.

We are waited in Terni for testing other new rules and rulesets, among these a game about space vessels and another one about giant robots… And in the middle of this we have to test Song of Spear and Shield for its release… Instead the game about post-apocalypse for Lead Adventure miniatures is tested locally in ALT club of Terni.


Who is Phersu? He is this nice dancing man from the Etruscan times. But he is even the man who hold the rope in this funeral game where another man is bounded to a ferocious dog. From “phersu” (mask) we have the word “person”, so he is more important than you thought.

These little dioramas are inspired by real painted scenes from graves. Perugia is at the edge between Umbrian and Etruscan cultures, on the side of the latter. And there is a local miniature maker who call himself “Phersu Miniatures” because of this influence.

His production is based on resin pieces about rare subjects, as you can see here, almost entirely in 1:72 scale. But he has got Phersu in 1:72, 28mm and 54mm. In the next months he wants to expand his ranges with metal miniatures because resin casting is a slow process: faster in the casting means more time to sculpt. His work is targeted to modellers and not wargamers but I hope he is changing his mind because he could find a peculiar space in the miniature producer world.
In the following photos some delicacies in 1:72 scale. If you want to know more about it, you can visit:


Magna Con Phersu: Universal Carrier

More photos about the ruined Universal Carrier on the grass of the entry of “Città della Domenica” in Perugia.


The last Saturday we went to Perugia, or better, in a huge amusement park on a hill facing Perugia. It is called “Città della Domenica” (Sunday City), one of oldest amusement parks in Italy. It seems a piece of the sixties in the 21th century. The name and the style of buildings and attractions are from my childhood times, a long time ago. And in these months this place is closed because now we aren’t in the right season, so it is empty. Have you ever watched “Life on Mars”? It is a similar situation. Well, it is still working on so dusts of time was not total.

We were there for “Magna Con Phersu” (Phersu Great Convention, but in Italian is something like “eat with Phersu”), a small convention about wargames and boardgames with a lot of tournaments. Small but heart felt. There were some lego games on sale, one game about bunga bunga, some demonstration tables. More on a following post.

The sad side of conventions and tournaments is that you see only the place of the event and nothing more. You can travel for hundreds of kilometres but after you can remind only the room where you stayed about that distant place. Here Perugia in the mist on the other side of the valley. A beautiful city, if you can visit it…

We are in the middle of Italy, among mountains. What means this navy war relict here? Fun for families? If you are a collector the space available in your home is never enough, so you have to place something at the workplace…

What they did to this Universal Carrier? Maybe it was used as an attraction for people, a tank to ride, so they customised it in this way. A honest war career throw on this hill. The engine is still inside but I think it is impossible to move it now. However no rust but grass grow on the floor.

Another carrier or artillery tractor, I can’t recognise it. Large tracks, so it is at least from the last years of the war.
At the end a huge reptilarium with a circular form, flags on the top and Maya decorations…


Bar & beverages?

And now something different. Well, it is not so true, because it is another report from the Fair of Rome. In the past I had delight you with other fairs as Hobby Show or Pabogel. They aren’t fairs about games but I have a special pass for a free entry even in business fairs for selected people, so I sometime go to see what seems interesting.

This fair was about bar & beverages opened only for operators of the sector. It could be an opportunity to eat and drink a lot for free! The plan was to impersonate restaurant owners to taste food. So I called some friends of mine and we went to this place. But none were around. The moon landscape of the Fair of Rome seemed empty. The pavilion was proposed with a dark atmosphere, with only big screens to light the scene. Some extremely beautiful hostesses were walking around in their mini-skirts with nothing to do. Some waders and jugglers played for a few people. Only a couple of stands or a little more had something to taste. Some stands were abandoned to their own because of the fiasco. To scrounge a Carlsberg from an annoyed person was not a decent thing to do, so we quickly leave the fair for our homes. Pity!

I haven’t photos of the hostesses so I propose this one about Smurf popcorns! I took it in a cinema. It is weird enough. I don’t know the taste.


Lucca 2011: best of show

This one is the last post about Lucca Comics & Games 2011. I hope you appreciate my efforts to report this fair. After comics, games, gadgets, mecha, here there is the best of show. Only a selection of the best because we were surrounded by this best and you couldn’t take a photo of everything. Please, continue with this post only if your heart works fine.

The translation of the sign showed in the fair: “Pussycat of the day contest. Under unappealable and corruptible decision of the jury”.

Best pussycat of the day?

No more pranks. As the sign says: “Here pussy is first served”.

From this point on I present some photos I picked on the web. I cannot remind who took them, but if you want to know this and if you want more photos, on fair and cosplay, please go to Flickr.

Flickr: Album di luccacomicsandgames
Flickr: Lucca Comics & Games 2011
Flickr: Cosplay Italia


Lucca 2011: cosplay

Once upon a time comic conventions were a sad place for male geeks. Now no more. Here some images that I (almost all) took around the fair. People bring their photocameras and there is a run to take more beautiful photos possible about these wonderful and creative costumes.

The queue for the cosplay stage. A contest and an opportunity to show himself.

Look at the geta! I saw a lot of geta.

There is a man inside.