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Lucca 2011: ganesha games show

A view of Historical Island. The Clan Conan space is at the end. Ganesha Games area is very large. Lava erupts from the volcano at the Andrea’s desk.

My Zen Garden in the fair. You can see the new materials at the work.

A playing preview of Swatters, the new game with 15mm aliens vs humans. Almost completed, it will see the light in a few months.

Flashing Steel on the table! Look at the wonderful sea, waves seems real. Some games were setted with this new ruleset. Pity, it was available only in English, so none could buy it, because Italian version is waited in the following weeks.

Sergio was very very tired due to work, but he could show his new Large Battle Drums and Shakos. A real success. His terrain was awesome, there was even a perfect vineyard.

He could explain the basic mechanics of the game with the throw of some dices to put spice in this. Some people wanted to buy it but you have to wait some weeks again. The book is in the editing phase.

Mighty Monsters, here presented in the Italian version and called Mega Mostri, results as a big hit in the heart of audience who reminds the lost sagas of Godzilla and its enemies.

Andrea presented the game with a volcano scenario and a lot of gashapon to show what we are speaking about. Children were attracted by these little figurines, adults were amazed finding their monster hero from younger time at work. And some child know the videogame of Godzilla and could name the monsters.

Scarred for life with Godzilla name!!! He is a hardcore Godzilla collector. However some people buy the ruleset ONLY because it is about kaiju, they don’t play wargames, they wanted Godzilla! I sign even an autograph on a copy, because I participated in the creation of the game!

Some happy customers playing with Mighty Monsters. Have fun with kaiju! And in the future you will have fights with giant robots from Japan too!!! Mazingaaa!!!!! And I have got a Patlabor large gashapon set to play a scenario with robots against a monster, as in Patlabor 3!


Lucca 2011: historical island

Inside Lucca Games we were a little part of the convention called “Historical Island”, a space where you could play wargames with miniatures. A large part was for Clan Conan, where there were participation games. Our part was called “Autori 3D” and I was in the programme under Andrea Sfiligoi section, as a sub-author. Historical Island people were all in the same hotel, so in the morning we did breakfast together and spoke about wargame world. Saturday was held a public debate on wargames organised by Lorenzo Sartori, with Andrea (Ganesha), Sartori (Impetus), Conan (Clan Conan), Torriani (Operation WWII), Cavatore (GW & Mantic). I filmed it almost entirely.

Along with our space there was a showcase with some scenarios and a place where very good painters showed what you can do with miniatures.

There was even 1-48 Combat with some new pieces for this game. I spoke about it before. Search my blog for it!

This is the beautiful terrain for the demonstration game of 1-48 Combat. Under there is the preview of Baroque, Impetus for Renaissance.


Lucca 2011: lucca games

The convention is scattered all around the city of Lucca, inside pavilions. It is called Lucca Comics and Games. You saw in the previous post some comics and gadgets, now you can see the game part. This one is the queue at the entry to the games the morning of Saturday. I had the staff pass, so you can well understand what it can means.

Another view of the games pavilion on the other side, that one with the walls and ditch. That part outside the pavilion is where is the illegal market. In another post I will explain it.

This one is the stage for a videogame called Just Dance 3. It is a great opportunity to see young exhibitionists that move themselves along the music. The girl that managed the game was really crazy using dirty and insidious talking to move the people. For five days.

Painters exhibition. At the end they sell the paintings with an auction sale to aid sick children at hospital.

During Lucca Games there are some awards to the best games. This one is Rattus, awarded as table game for families, but it is card driven and with a theme based on pest deaths. A game for a happy evening in the family? Some people added an envelope with money (Monopoly like money, we are in a game fair) for the judges.

This is the iron man after Zerloon blog, in the fair for Gioconomicon as web journalist for the game area. Part of Gioconomicon staff brought me home the last day. Thank you! : )

Torture of Macaluso, a bloody pagan rite of hunt at the end of Lucca Games, to save us from the rain and bad results.


Lucca 2011: stands

Let’s start with a view on stands around.

Here my friend Narciso frozen among comics. There were a lot of old and new comics. Too many for a life.

I wonder if a human being can have the space to store all this stuff inside his house. And I wonder as mini-skirt change the way we perceive the world.

Manga ARE the comics. They are read by boys and girls, when other type of comics are read only by males. It was a great thing when girls started to read comics. It will be a great day when females start to play historical wargames.

A smart and funny comic about boys, girls and sex. Great drawings too.

A comic about William the Bastard. Well done. Here the author while was signing my book with a sketch.

Personalised prints by Frezzato, a great comic author.

Gay Zombies in Vatican City! This diy comic went sold out.

Ashley Wood paintings for sale!!! I’m a fan, I like his robots very much but I cannot afford a painting for 3000 euros. I have them printed in a book. I will continue to see them on a book and not on a wall.

Ashley Wood, Jamie Hernandez, Jack Kirby, Crumb… where is my bank account?

Linings for long pillows to hug. A sexy help from Japan to lone male geeks. Exists the same thing for females.

Mouse pads with tits. I bought that one down on the right. I have problems with my wrist so this can help.

Tanto Cuore (a lot of heart) is a card game about Japanese maids. Yes, it is weird as it seems.

T-shirts that hailing to bisexuality. However in the fair there were a lot of manga about homosexuality. I don’t know why.

Diabolik is the Fantomas or Arnesio Lupin of Italy, the king of thieves. Only that he is more dark. Since some years they lunched a line of gadgets. The note says:”Steal from Diabolik stand cause misfortune”.


Lucca 2011: introduction

You have waited enough! Here we go! I have got more than 150 photos to show you on this great convention about comics, games and a lot of amazing other stuff for us, so you can aspect more than 15 thematic posts in the following days. This year there was a beautiful sun in the sky and absolutely no rain. 155000 people were in the fair, one of the biggest fair in the world. A printed programme composed of 64 pages. Five days of madness in the medieval city of Lucca.

This time I was part of the staff as demonstrator in the Lucca Games area, so I had got the benefit of a full pass with the red ribbon. I could enter in spaces without doing queues, a great thing if you are with 155000 people around who want to do the same thing… In the photo under here, that I found on the web, you can see all the bracelets for the audience, one by day. And there is love too between a boy and a girl during the fair. Dirty boy and girl indeed, because the bracelets are made of paper so they hadn’t take a shower in 5 days…