Beautiful girl plays Zen Garden! I discovered that my game attracts girls as honey for bees. Maybe it is its elegance, the use of three colours (red, black, white), the small space used, the zen garden theme. My game is small, missing in the large fair, but people noted it.

I tested the new measurement stick and changed a foot soldier with naginata with a samurai only armed with a katana, but with a stronger value. I think that I tested it enough, now I must to write the rules on paper in a verbal form.

After some turns people could play alone. She is very smart and know Japanese language, but he won. Thanks to Roberto Bagna of Parte Ghibellina for his photos.

Narciso went to the fair the last day and brought to me some resin micro pagodas for the game. Now I have almost all the material to produce the copies of Zen Garden.