I’m for an unconventional Christmas because I don’t like fake affectedness. I pass these days with my family since I was a child so I like this moment of the year but I can’t forget reality. The world is not a Christmas advertising!

I’m used to listen to hardcore punk and this attitude is part of me. So I remembered this Christmas song from the disgraceful land of samba by Garotos Podres, a seminal Brazilian oi! band from the eighties and maybe still active in these days even if the singer belly seems big as the Father Christmas one.

Do you know that Father Christmas was created by Coca Cola as a character for Christmas advertisings? They are not the colours of Christmas, they are the colours of Coca Cola! In this song is said that Father Christmas is a son of bitch, a capitalist pig. He send gift only to rich children. If you know Portuguese you would appreciate it more.