Most of our 3D games are bi-dimensional. You play with miniatures, that you chose with attention and painted with skill, but at the end it results as some sort of boardgame without squares for the movement. Why? Because there isn’t an adequate scene, all is limited to a flat ground with some sparse ruins around. All the fight is horizontal, bounded to the flat ground. But this is not like the real world. If you have got miniatures in a 3D world you have to fight even in vertical. Yep, it is difficult, because we have rigid pieces of lead on a base and not flexible characters. Think only to stairs and how it is impossible to place a miniature on them. But we must to do something, develop our scenarios even with a vertical prospect.

I’m building my personal little town for my little boys, Flyton. I don’t want the same flat setting, I want something more creative. So, among other things, I bought this armoured watch tower from Quantum Gothic. It is thought to support a futuristic or better a WH40k scenario, but it fits good even to my intents, because it is designed as a steel bar with a metal sentry-box, a representation good for 20th or 21th century scenarios too.

The resin pieces are solid and well made. The price is reasonably, so now I have my armoured watch tower for Flyton. Painted by blue, a dark colour, good for Britain and urban construct, I suppose.

Take a look at Quantum Gothic range, it is very good. Oh, pity! Now the website is under re-construction!