The Ganesha games mechanics are ideal to built something for all purposes. The idea is: keep it simple. So, no more inch to measure, no more debates on lines, no more composite movements to create strange positions. And no more boring alternate turns, no more long and useless stats, no more dices on dices to decide a fight. If you want to know this type of games you can choose among rules for fantasy, Napoleonic era, post-apocalypse, horror, Arthurian, modern era,… and more are on arrival: giant robots, aliens, ancients, superheroes, and everything you can think.
ganesha games
Every Ganesha game is not the same. The rules are designed to transmit feel and specificity of the theme, the mechanics are adapted to the period and it is not only a matter of stats: every game is basically built with the same principles to keep the fun and the speed of learning the rules, but there are a lot of variations that build every time a different and new set of rules.

Simple doesn’t mean stupid! Instead over complicated is stupid! These games are smart and strategically enthralling. My game on gladiators follows the same mechanics but with my ideas about the fight among ancient fighters of the arena. The core engine is the same, the context is different so there will be another approach to the fight.

On YouTube there is a fight Orcs vs. Humans in a demo of Ganesha Games’ Song of Blades and Heroes from Fjalar Zymu. We have to do a YouTube channel for Ganesha sooner or later…

Here a photo of Gregoriana, a founding member of Ganesha Games and moral supporter of our work, died only a few days ago. If you want to know more on this friend of us go to see this memorial page.