The summer is hot and for a walk you have to choose evening or night to find some coolness. If you remember that I live in Rome, I have the opportunity to do some walk in a considerable city centre. Some time ago I went through a street, Via dei Giubbonari, where I step rarely because this place is specialised only on antique stores. I cannot afford half-length portrait made of marble or the like, so I’m not so interested in those old things sold at posh prices. One time I saw mr.Berlusconi, accompanied by his escort (the bodyguards…), while he was entering in one of these shops to buy with my his money something for one of his houses.

In the while of this last walk I found a new shop about uniformology and military objects from the wars of the past century. I took my mobile for some photos. I think that these materials are for casual collectors rather than professional ones because this location is posh. I don’t know if all is original, but I think so for the most. You can see some helmets, flags, decorations,… Well, it was almost a small museum along the way that I met through the night.