Here we go! This is the begin of my full reportage about Lucca Comics & Games. I’m a bit late but I had to choose among lots of photos so I spend time doing it. Moreover I’m very busy these days and another big convention (Ludica Roma) is on arrival. Let’s go.

This is the queue of the first day to enter in the Lucca Games pavilion. The entry is at the tent at the end. There were a lot of pavilions in Lucca, even an ancient palace, because the fair is shared on various places. Everyone with its queue. 180000 paying people in 4 days.

A partial view of the rear side of the Lucca Games pavilion, the biggest pavilion in the fair, among the huge Lucca medieval fortified walls. These walls are all around the city constituting a park in the form of a ring.

An empty corridor between stands at the end of a day.

The same corridor, almost at the same position, during the day.

A larger area where you could breath.

A typical gadgets vendor stand at the end of a day. I haven’t photos of comics stands because there were too many people and you could take photos with only heads and no comics.

Some vendors were cosplayers too. At the restaurants in the city you could see cosplay waitresses! This city gone mad when it is Lucca C&G time!

A new computer headphone for my friend Paolo. Only 100 euro.

A wall with information about people caught in a zombie emergency. Messages to search loved ones…

Fantasy and sci-fi book area. A real one throne made of swords was available to take photos. “Sword Throne” (il trono di spade) is the Italian name for “A Game of Thrones”.

The traditional illegal market inside Lucca Games area. Yes, illegal is legal in Italy… In the background, on the walls, you can see the cosplay area pavilions with the stage for cosplay competition and music concerts.

Paintings made during the fair to sell them in a public charity auction.

A great backpack! Imperial Stormtroopers eat Jedi Knights scum for breakfast!

The Citadel is the fair armoury area. A couple of small pavilions where you can buy your sword and your medieval dress.

These people from Germany had got lots of useful steel objects…

Real swordsmanship. Two handed swords. They are studying each other.

Now the action!

An art installation around Lucca.

We all think that Lucca is a rainy city because we visit it always around the first of November for the fair. Year after year we remember the rain that drench us, the yellow leafs, the moats full of gurgle water, the blue clouds defined in the sky. Even this year we could have the same physical feeling. It is so romantic, and so wet indeed.