Another queue to enter to Lucca Games pavilion. It is more easy to be on the other side of the fence… You can even see some of the young staff volunteers, in blue sweatshirt, that allowed all this for free.

The Miniature Island is the space that Lucca give for free to the wargame miniature world. It is managed by Lorenzo Sartori, the editor of Dadi & Piombo (dices and lead) magazine. He printed a special and free issue to show to common people what we do. When I saw some interest in people towards our little world, I distributed the magazine.

This year we had some demonstration tables with Deus Vult (the new game by FireForge for medieval warfare), Operation Squad (WWII and modern skirmish combat), À La Guerre (XVII-XVIII warfare), FOW (WH40K with Panzers, ah ah!), Bolt Action (WWII skirmish), Infinity (cyber-skirmish). Obviously there was Ganesha Games too.

This is the modern version for Operation Squad, in an Iraq scenario. Losi (or Lodi, I don’t remember, ah ah) set up this interesting ambush fight. This man is a really martyr because he slept in a hotel room shared with me and Andrea. The last night, due to the usual violent snoring by mister Sfiligoi, he chose to slept in the loo on the floor!

Iraq fighters. Losi is one of the authors of Operation Squad Modern. He is working on a Vietnam version too!

Chip ‘n’ Dale at the Miniature Island! In the background the Mirliton miniature stand. This year there were more miniature vendors as Steel Model (with Warlord staff), Kabuki, Cosimo Auricchio, Greebo, Miniature Mania and Chasseurs. On the right the painters zone. Our Miniature Island, the demonstration area, is the support to these vendors, our space exists because them pay for their stands.

Inside a luxury area you could find some painters at work. The aim was to show that painting is not impossible. So the artists explained how to paint and some special techniques.

Oh, I was forgetting the Impetus demonstration table with these gorgeous Byzantine!

And this is the Clan Conan, the first year with my friend Narciso of Legio Palatina club. He is the chap with the beer. These chaps were running three demonstration tables for common people and children. Simpler or exemplar games to access to this world.

Near us two demonstration tables with WH40K. It is an anniversary for this game. I started to play with miniatures when the second edition was out, but I read White Dwarf at Rogue Trader times. A lot of time ago…

This is our Miniature Island team at dinner time. We had a lot of fun! And we hope to have converted some people to our little world.