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Post number 15 on Lucca Comics & Games (& Cosplay). The final post. I showed to you some of the highlights about this annual event. I hope you enjoyed them as I enjoyed my days spent in this beautiful fair. Here some photos about the evening of the last day, while the ephemeral structures of the fair were dismantled. The emptiness, some trash on the floor, package almost done, vendors on the way to home. It’s strange to walk in pavilions finding so much space, thinking that distances are briefer than you experienced during the day due to the crowd. Andrea saw for the first time some parts of the fair because he was tied to his stand.

Here the official photographic report of the fair:
1 November
2 November
3 November
4 November

Praise to Macaluso, the pagan fat devoutness. Praise to the resurrected and glorified victim of the hunt, a ritual made by fair staff after the closure. They want to give auspices to the realisation of the next fair with this hunt/passion/death/rebirth ritual.

After the dinner we moved toward Terni. We arrived after the 3 of the night, finding Andrea’s house almost flooded. But this is another story…

Next: Ludica Roma, Pabogel and more! I am so late with the schedule but there are too many things to post.


Lucca C&G 2012: the best of show

The translation of the sign is “Up with boobs”. After a lot of posts about Lucca Comics & Games we are almost at the end. And now is “the best of show” moment. In the past I spent words about exhibitionism. No more words, only photos. They are young, they are comic & anime fans, they are gorgeous, they want to show their beauty to the world. Thank you.

These photos are not mine. I’m not a professional photographer and I take photos for this blog only with my mobile phone camera. So, to offer to you a more complete view of what is the cosplay in Lucca, I took some photos from Flickr. My images are intentionally small, view the entire photographic report on: