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Ludica Roma 2013: overview

And now the report about Ludica Roma 2013 convention, at last! Three daysv in Rome, my city, full of what you desire about games. They were the 29th & 30th of November and the 1st of December. Here we go…

The convention was held in 4 pavilions. We were in this one dedicated to wargames and boardgames.

Some volunteers managed, with an explanation of rules, an area to play boardgames.

Other notable things: Rubik’s cube competitions as solutions with blinded eyes; painting laboratories; abstract boardgaming; Subbuteo.

Another pavilion, only for children. All kinds of games and experiences.

The modelling pavilion: cars, earth movers, trains, ships and more. The paradise of radio controlled models.

This rail modelling circuit is based about a road near where I live, at one of the external gates of Rome built inside one of the main Roman aqueducts. In this zone there was the Gothic camp during a siege of Rome during the Gothic Wars. Moreover here happened some fights against Allies by Italian soldiers in the defence of Rome in 1944.

Some vintage action figures in a vendor area in this pavilion.

The softair (and other ways to shooting people safety) and reenactment pavilion.

And after this “garibaldino” (a fighter of the independent and volunteer army who fought for the unification of Italy) I promise that I will continue with this report another day.


GiocaPerugia 2013: BattleSworn

And this one is the last report of GiocaPerugia 2013, the fourth. If I want to survive to this blog I think that I have to write briefer reports. I have so little time for all my things to do. On the list there are the Lucca and Ludica reports. However…

This is the Bizio team. They are the authors of this mega-luxory scenario for BattleSworn. This is a independent effort to propose an easy game to casual people. They chose these rules by Andrea because they are very immediate to learn. Moreover BattleSworn possess original mechanics, no measurement necessity, and an engaging way to develop your game strategy.

The main modeller is a little crazy because he spent so much time to built it and its details. Under here the two dice towers!!!

But this is only the start. They are thinking to expand the model with another terrain module to duplicate the gaming area. Maybe it will be ready for the next Hellana at the end of March. In the following photos some details of the playable scenario. Enjoy.

A final statement on GiocaPerugia. The location was great and unique, but moist. With more people could be dangerous because this dungeon is very narrow and without exits. But Perugia people is a bit lazy: we could have more public because with university this city is full of young people that could be interested in various gaming forms. Or they are too much absorbed only by study, drugs and sex. In the reverse order too. Well, it was an open convention so the hardcore wargamers were a bit misplaced. However I had: fun, not so much sleep (I am dominated by motormouth gaming ideas by Andrea), an opportunity to meet other people from our players community. Moreover there were some cosplayers, even if partially frozen, and other events. Maybe in a period far from Lucca and Ludica Roma this GiocaPerugia will be better for us. I think I will be here the next year.


GiocaPerugia 2013: OGAM tournament

During the GiocaPerugia convention an Of Gods And Mortals tournament was held.

It was the first try to play a tournament with these rules. Some people from Marche, Latium, Umbria and Tuscany played three matches only few weeks after the rules were published.

The battle of gods is began!

We are planning more OGAM tournaments in the following months for special events around central Italy. I own armies and gods for a lot of pantheons and more are on arrival. We are working on new lists. However the official lists for Pre-Islamic Arabs and Japanese are available as free download.


GiocaPerugia 2013: Ganesha Games

Perugia is near Terni, and Terni is near Rome. So Ganesha Games staff were in full force. Here a nice photo of me with a classic preview of Ferrum et Gloria and the first demo of gladiatorial fight on ships.

Sergio was with us too. This is another playtest and demo session of his latest game.

As I said, Giorgia Cosplay, and a cosplay contest, were in the convention. Here she, as Black cat, is trying to steal a copy of OGAM!

More tomorrow…


GiocaPerugia 2013: overview

I’m late, very late. But I want to show you something about my past experiences in conventions held in November. This time my report about GiocaPerugia 2013, the 16th and 17th of November.

The Perugia mini underground, almost a monorail. We arrived early in the morning by car. After we take this great public transport that penetrate inside the hill under the city.

In a lazy early and frozen Sunday afternoon, the main plaza in the city.

The main fountain of Perugia, that is in the main plaza of Perugia.

I took these photos during a pause. I thought:”Now they are two days in Perugia and I didn’t see the city centre!”. Well, I didn’t see the light of the day. Because the convention was held underground!

We were inside a real dungeon, a place 500 years old under a fortress. It is even used as a way with escalators to reach the upper part of the city. An ancient dungeon mixed with modern public facilities.

It was a little wet. Some water dipped down from the cellar. The rooms where was the convention are usually closed to public, so they have less maintenance attention. Because of narrow doors, inside the rooms the temperature was hotter than outside. We were natural ambient heaters…

Aster Wargame from Rome. All for your miniatures.

Perugia based miniatures vendor.

Always in the vendor area. On the right Chillemi, editions about military history.

The professor Gualtiero Grassucci from Latina with his wargame.

A wargame in a box with a gangster feel: Men of Honor!

Blood Bowl tournament.

A room with some boardgames. And a couple with a boardgame.

Another room full of boardgames for casual gamers.

And another room inside this dungeon, with some convention volunteers. More tomorrow on another post.


Ludica Roma 2013 is coming

The last month was a wargame marathon with too many events. I’m tired but satisfied. And now, the last wargame convention of the year: Ludica. This is THE wargame convention of Rome. I was crucial to find the initial contacts for it. However the real work was made since beginning by a group that I admire for their efforts to create something for players and their families.

What can you expect from Ludica? Wargame, boardgame, cardgame, other kinds of games, roleplay, live roleplay, historical swordsmanship, historical and fantasy reenactment, various kinds of hobby modelling, games for children. All this inside 4 really huge hangars. To know more go to:
And this one is the page dedicated to Ganesha Games:

That is the advert about my presence in the convention. Tomorrow is the first of 3 days. An Of Gods And Mortals tournament will be held Saturday. I and Andrea, and a lot of friends, will be in the fair. Come to say hello to us.


DBA Terni 2013

Full of events weeks. So the next posts will be dedicated to a retrospect of my past events among some new things. Now I want to show you something happened the 10th of this month: the DBA tournament in Terni.

The participants, from Roma (8), Arezzo (3) and Terni (1). We were in an hospitable miniature shop called “La Tana della Donna Nana” (“the dwarf-woman vault”, it is called from an Italian joke).

The smallest coup for the third place in the tournament. Another personal success in the last part of the season. Effectively I reached in the last three tournaments the 1st, 4th and 3rd place!

A classic DBA match that I lost: I vs Salini. This time was my very bad luck, a constant 1 result on dice.

My glorious Roman army versus vile Egyptians scum.

A classic DBA match that I win: I vs professor Mariani. This time a tie and a lot of personal boldness.

My camp. All roads lead to Rome.

One club partner of mine versus Gaul.

A couple of tables during the tournament.

Someone succeed to stop Gasbarri at the first match!!! However, after he won the other three matches…

This was the last date of the annual DBA Italian tournament, so we consigned the prize to Gasbarri as best Italian player, a fact that we know very well…

In the morning, while we were reaching the train for Terni, we saw this steam train. It was used for a special journey that day. We took a more standard train instead. And now we are waiting for the 2014 annual DBA torunament…


The Day of the Doctor’s Companions

Yesterday was the Day of the Doctor. But what could be the Doctor without his companions? We have to remind them. I want to pay homage especially to the last one, Jenna-Louise Coleman, the girl that save the Doctor through the time. She is very cute, with a jaunty behaviour and a lovely little face. Well, there is something more than her face.