In this moment of the year we count the passed years and think to future years. This is also the moment to set our projects for the new year. Here I only speak on things related to this hobby even if there are other (and sometimes more important) things in my mind…

Let’s start with the projects of the past year:

-Ferrum et Gloria:
to complete the rules.
It is a four year old project now! I have got the arena, I have got the miniatures, I have got the rules. Now I have to write them on paper and publish them in 2013!!!

building of the city and playing with it.
Flyton is empty. The viaduct is still missing. I hope I build the city this year. In MDF I suppose. I write exactly these words the last year.

-Big battle with ancients:
rules for a large skirmish with ancients
We work a lot on Song of Spear and Shield but we transformed it in something with a littler scale.

-Street demonstration:
cops against angry people, with my rules.
Too much to do. Another time, maybe another life.

an Etruscan temple as scene for Song of Spear and Shield.
It is only a matter of space. Where can I put a temple inside my little house? I don’t know, but I want it.

-Song of Void and Stars:
the naval game set among stars.
Still in playtest. Maybe an aborted project.

It seems as a defeat but this is only part of my dreams. In the meantime I have got lots of new painted miniatures, I fought at tournaments (one cup and half this year), I visited military museums, I participated to conventions as vendor and demonstration staff, I helped so much Ludica Roma to see the light, I developed Ferrum et Gloria, I realised a beautiful war-board-game called Zen Garden, I ran lots of playtesting for Ganesha Games so much that some games are now even my games, I had fun with this hobby.

New projects for the future from my sick mind to add to the old projects:

-Mercoledì delle Ceneri:
I like the Carnevale game but I want to create something different using Song engine. Late in 2013.

I have to stop to do all this work on the blog. Less posts, more play, more writing, more life.

See you here along all this new year! Happy new year!