January is not the best time of the year for a trip to Terni. But we wanted to meet Sergio after some months. We were busy with fairs and tournaments so now was the time for a new visit at the Sergio’s war-rooms.

Exactly at the end of the year, when people were thinking about New Year’s Eve parties, Sergio put on paper his new game. It is called “100 dices”. It is a hex-based game system and it is built to reproduce a horse & musket battle. Its engine could be adapted to other periods too.

The main idea is to give 100 dices to players. Every time a player use a dice he throw it away. Well, however there are lots of other things more! The rules are very simple, fast to play, easy to remind. Something to play in a couple of hour or less. We played on a small board composed by 10×8 MDF hexes. It is even a low-cost way to play and an introductory game to wargames newbies. It can be a great game!

The sad thing were my dices. I had the average result of 2 or 3 during all the battle. Pretty frustrating. It is difficult to realise a real playtest when one side is systematically under a low-dice-spell. Every action I did were a failure. I appreciate the game but another time please give me the 100 dices with the 6 side…

Another playtest, this time for Andrea. The game is called “Gunfight at Hell Creek” and it is a spaghetti western scenario realised with the famous Song of Blade and Heroes engine and something more. Born as an extravaganza, it is in a very fast development process. Maybe it will be ready in the first part of this year.

We played a rough version of the game with our Legio Palatina mates during the Christmas club reunion. Now some tweaks were done and the game was better, more fluid. We had some problems with the high weapons power and the scenario rules, but playtest are made for this, to find problems and adopt solutions. On the ground some little houses, fresh from the producer. Next time we will have more houses and western stuff around for a better play.