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Daleks parade

While we are waiting for the new part of the Doctor Who television series, I wish to show you some Daleks that I own. Thanks to Alessio and Emily that bought me this Doctor Who Adventures issue, I laid my hands on a plastic set with Daleks miniatures, incidentally in 28mm scale. These are from a children magazine that give away some Dr Who themed toys every week, and these Daleks set sold very well so they presented them for 3/4 times.

The sculpt is not so fine and some details are fainted, the assembly sometime is a little approximative, but they are very cheap. Now I don’t remind exactly prices but as far I remind you can have got a box of Daleks for the price of a single Dalek from Shapeways. If you live in UK could built a large Dalek army with these miniatures. So I create a newDaleks squad with an official in black armour and five troopers in bronze and gold. I panted a black skullcap for them to add some contrast. I don’t like these pale metallic newDaleks so much, I prefer the classical design and strong coloured patterns. Moreover now they seem too much powerful and invincible too.

Another new design in the set is for iDaleks (or “paradigmDaleks”) with their bright five colours. It is the revolutionary form for these pepper shaker aliens, with more soft lines. Since sixties we had a design that evolved principally through colour patterns so something new had to be added, even if Daleks are a national icon like double-deckers or telephone boxes. However was the time to say something new about Daleks.

And now a parade of the various Daleks that I own. From left to right: renegadeDalek, imperialDalek, newDalek, iDalek, Spider Dalek. And this evening a new adventure on BBC with the Jenna-Louise Coleman mystery!


Shapeways’ Spider Dalek

Last November I saw 3D printing in Ludica fair in Rome. So I thought about to buy something made in this way to touch a future feel. A special offer with free delivery from Shapeways gave me the opportunity to spend money for a Spider Dalek.

Some days after, in Christmas time as you can see for the towel, I received a huge parcel with inside a little transparent sprue. It was pretty viscid and the details were fine but a little crispy. 3D printing is not perfect, you cannot have a resin mould quality. A method to obtain smoother surfaces is to scratch them with a acetone light wash or other acid substances. I’m lazy so only wash the sprue with a lot of soap.

A Spider Dalek is a fictional Dalek – the others are real, aren’t they – an aborted hypothesis for a character development. There is not a definite design, only some sketches. So I was not so sure about how to assemble it. A fast painting on the first Daleks colour pattern complete it. Now it is ready to spread terror among the galaxy.


1/6 Gladiators: CM Toys

After the unsatisfying Ignite action figures, this time I’m showing you something very better. CM Toys is producing some gladiators inspired by Spartacus television series, without a real license I think. I’ve never seen this series and never see her (I’m not interested in fantasy soap-opera added with sex and violence), but I can still enjoy these figures.

This is Spartacus, or at least the television Spartacus. Even if this figure is not historically based, the final appearance resembles a gladiator and the “dirty” look is great. The problem is that you can use it as a generic fantasy fighter too, because does not refer to the look and the armament of any gladiatorial category. But at least it is a beautiful figure.

Almost a thraex, only some wrong details, as the short shin protectors or the long sword. I find great the dirty look or the lion on the helm. Instead the sleeve is not so good.

These pieces have got a better look even because you cannot see the joint parts of the figures. The internal structure is covered by a skin made of flexible gum. Great solution but maybe in the course of time this skin could lose his tone ruining the figure, but I don’t know.


1/6 Gladiators: Ignite

As I think you know, I’m a 1:6 action figures collector too. The only problem is the money to buy these figures and the place to show them. So I limit myself to only a few pieces. I have a complete and selected Italian paratroopers in WWII series but I wish more. I’m thinking about gladiator action figures for an insane project about Ferrum et Gloria played with 1:6 figures. I should buy at least a couple of gladiators to set a game and this means 200-250 euro to invest. At the moment I have not yet had the unscrupulousness to do this madness. But that does not prevent me from thinking about it all the time.

I’m studying what the market offers about gladiator action figures and I want to show you the result of my researches. We begin with Ignite gladiators. They are the cheapest and the less attractive.

A slim figure (scarce rations?), with a medieval axe, a thraex helm, a steel breast plate, a cloak. Well, this is not a gladiator. Take the helm and throw away what remains.

A left-handed retiarius with a t-shirt (you cannot claim it is a tunic) and a medieval mace as support weapon. And embarrassing muscle tone for a gladiator.

From this review is evident that you can find better action figures than these. But some spare parts could be useful. Next time other proposals.


Roma hardcore

Before my current lead addiction I spend my days following my local hardcore punk community. This is true especially for the years 1988-1995. Before them I was a metal-head but of black and thrash fringe. As my most relevant activities of that period, I realised a couple of fanzines, was a regular writer for a magazine, and helped with a record label. Nowadays I still hear a lot of music: hardcore punk, oi!, black metal and power electronics. I was very involved with hardcore music. Well, it is more than music, it was my life, because hardcore is not a form of music but an aptitude. A young movement, but a strong one. You cannot understand it if you are used to mainstream music, it is a matter of live in a unconventional way hearing unconventional music. And “music” is not the right word, “noise” is better, because it is the sound of rage.

A couple of years ago, a young veteran of my local community (when I was around he was just an adolescent) thought to film a documentary on that world, realising various interviews with crucial people from Roma hardcore community of that years, with a focus on the 1989-1999 period. After a lot of time he edited the material and now it is a film.

I went to a modern art museum (!!!) to see this documentary, screened for two months during an art exhibition. It is weird to go to a museum to see a piece of your life! And it is an institutional art museum, as if my life and that of my mates were involved in some art project. I wasn’t interviewed but I hoped that some part of me or my work was present in the pit (the name of the place below the stage) among other faces. Nothing, I wasn’t there. Pity! I saw only some group photos that I took: I was the “official photographer” of the community, so I was always behind the objective! Those photos were in the official catalogue of the show too, obviously without my name. This is the sad way of the photographer…

This documentary is not for commerce. I didn’t repeat this nostalgia moment with another screening session. But I wish to buy a copy to search better my face among the crowd…

More informations about the film on the website

Then a photographic book was edited about these years in the left fringe of the Roman skinhead community. This time I can find myself in the pit. But only by shoulder and a little of my face. However maybe it was the last live gig that I saw, a couple of years ago. Time flies.


A visit with pillars

A brief visit from Paolo, during a weekend in Rome from Switzerland. This time, last Saturday, we met with Diego too. Another Legio Palatina club moment at my home, the unofficial headquarters. A classic pizza dinner and a game. Pillars of the Earth is a favourite of ours. And Paolo know it so good that he always win. This time too. We are thinking to go together to Salute this April, one from Geneva, one from Rome. I have only to find the right flights…


Military market in Piana delle Orme

In the past I lost a lot of opportunities to visit military markets in my local area. Instead this time I went up to Latina, during a freezing raining day.

Among flat fields near Latina there is a private museum inside agriculture warehouses. It is about military vehicles and other collections regrouped by a hobbyist like us, but with some money more in his pockets. We collect models, he bought the original items. They are transport vehicles at most. They are a lot and ready to be put on road. This place is called Piana delle Orme.

Every 4 months they organise a military market in a small empty pavilion. You can find WWII items in real scale. Almost all is original. We are near the Anzio front so something is even recently dug up from those places.

If you need an helmet this is the right place. Some were at bargain prices as 20/30 euro. But these people are professionals so generally prices were not so low.

Collectors are always strange people. Everyone is looking for something, from helmet rivets to complete machine-guns. I was not so interested about finding something to add to my reenactment equipment. Principally because I only need weapons and they are at high prices.

In these days I’m thinking about a Beretta MAB 38a. In the photo you can view it among other weapons. It costs 900 euro. Another time, if I cannot satisfied myself with another thing that I’m trying to buy in these days.