As I think you know, I’m a 1:6 action figures collector too. The only problem is the money to buy these figures and the place to show them. So I limit myself to only a few pieces. I have a complete and selected Italian paratroopers in WWII series but I wish more. I’m thinking about gladiator action figures for an insane project about Ferrum et Gloria played with 1:6 figures. I should buy at least a couple of gladiators to set a game and this means 200-250 euro to invest. At the moment I have not yet had the unscrupulousness to do this madness. But that does not prevent me from thinking about it all the time.

I’m studying what the market offers about gladiator action figures and I want to show you the result of my researches. We begin with Ignite gladiators. They are the cheapest and the less attractive.

A slim figure (scarce rations?), with a medieval axe, a thraex helm, a steel breast plate, a cloak. Well, this is not a gladiator. Take the helm and throw away what remains.

A left-handed retiarius with a t-shirt (you cannot claim it is a tunic) and a medieval mace as support weapon. And embarrassing muscle tone for a gladiator.

From this review is evident that you can find better action figures than these. But some spare parts could be useful. Next time other proposals.