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Upcoming: “la storia per gioco”

A new wargame convention will be held in Canino (VT) this Sunday during a fair about asparaguses and other traditional food products. It will be an opportunity to play and eat a lot. More, some visits to Etruscan and Longobard archaeological sites are organised for the day. All information on a mini-website that I designed:


Swatters is out

Another game by Ganesha Games is out. It is playable at best with sci-fi 15mm miniatures and it was thought having a mind about Khurasan Miniatures ranges. But, as every Ganesha Games rules, you can play it with what miniatures you prefer.

I playtested it some time ago and I participate with ideas of mine to it. The cover, realised by Andrea, was created by my input. As an exclusive for my readers, the cover blueprint:

Here a synopsis of the game:
“SWATTERS is an exciting, fast-playing miniatures system for simulating battles between forces of humans and aliens. Using 20 to 50 (or more) singly-based figures per player and moving them as units, two players can complete a typical scenario on a 6’x4′ table in under two hours. Every figure represents a single man, vehicle or alien. Squads move and fight as units (they are placed on spare CDs or mini-CDs used as trays). Single models are removed as casualties.
SWATTERS is an infantry-centric game in which vehicles, gun emplacements and giant monsters play an occasional role. Combat is based on the roll of a single six-sided die for the attacking unit and one for the defending unit. The difference between the scores determines the combat outcome.
The two asymmetrical forces each have a limited pool of supplementary dice that may be spent to ensure success in key tactical situations. Humans use these dice to gain an edge in ranged combat, while aliens use them to spawn reinforcements and become deadlier in close combat. The book includes rules for: close and ranged combat; overwatch, ambushes, crossfire, reactive fire, support weapons, and orbital bombardment; 35 special rules; profiles for over 20 alien and 22 human troop types; 12 ready-to-run scenarios and two additional scenario ideas; guidelines for solo gaming; a point system for designing your own troops; ideas for using Swatters for other types of conflict.”

What to add to it? Well, give a try to the rules, they are very cheap too. To read a review you can go to “Wargaming with Barks” blog. To buy them you can choose pdf or printed versions, on Ganesha Games website or on Wargame Vault. In the following days you can find them even by Amazon in kindle and paperback formats. While Khurasan Miniatures is thinking about special starter bundles of printed rules plus figures as army packs.


Hellana 2013

As in previous years we are in Agliana for Hellana wargame convention. The same trip to Tuscany from the early hours of the Sunday morning to the night, with a pause for the highway stop dinner. All is done to live another wargaming experience together with our friends from every corner of Italy. Look at the categories tag for other editions.

The classic DBA tournament. I prefer to play with other games during a convention, so even this time I only supported my DBA community with photos and friendship.

A Russian view with snow. And Italian and Soviet soldiers.

A WWI naval battle with an interesting use of cotton to built clouds!

When railway modelling in HO scale meet wargame in 20mm scale: a WWII fight in Germany.

Bigger scale and bigger building. Another WWII delicatessen.

Using Comitatus rules to build a battle at the Roma’s gates.

This playable scenario displayed a view of the Porta Ostiensis near the ARSM club headquarters. This scenario recreate a specific Gothic War event.

A new presence in the convention was the Gundam Italian Club. I’m an orphan of eighties too.

Some models, even if the better one was the Zion vessel!

I did my duty with a couple of Ferrum et Gloria scenarios. This one was an opportunity to test the “duel rules” and to have a fight secutor/scissor versus retiarii. An experience to make some tweaks to something. Then some people wished to buy the rules, but I’m still writing them, pity. Now I’m a little distracted by this convention period because we will have “La storia per gioco” and “” in the following weeks, but I’m very involved with the rules writing.


Ding dong!

The right thing to do is the privatization of the state funeral, that would be more according with her school of thought!


Romics 2013 spring edition

I’m a comic reader before I could reader: I watched only images at that age. Another Romics edition in my city. A big business because from this year we will have a spring and an autumn edition. And this time the organisers thought to add more trains for the location, the same nowhere place among ex-swamps.

I understand why I came all the times to this kind of fairs. It is not only comics or sparse game stands, it is principally about girls. Here you can watch lots of young and very beautiful females in their best age. Half-naked females with imaginative dresses. Exhibitionism is the rule. It is called cosplay… Sometimes the situation is really embarrassing. Among girls that practically wears bikinis with some fabric variously added, one of them with one D size bra on put herself on all fours on a car to show better her boobs to a crowd of males.

As I always say, this is a place where to show your costume, and your corpse. Everyone take photos of everyone, it is an infinite play of images based on fantasy worlds better than crude and monotone reality. Mine was a really fast trip, I stayed only 5 hours inside the fair on the 4 days duration. So I didn’t take lots of photos. You can find more on Flickr.

This time among cosplayers I noted more male and female homosexuals than usual. Some famous drag queens played to this costume thing too.

More sex talking. This Japanese statuette impress me. Only 110 euro to have a sex slave on a bookshelf of yours.

Something more polite and childish. My partner in the trip while is buying a Spiderman nice puppet.

In the very old times you cannot find a Gundam model, they were a chimera. Now the usual wall of models, everyone with their price tag made by post-its.

Another fair view. Some gadgets around and the upper entry of one of the 3 pavilions used for Romics.

I have to show even some comics, otherwise you could think that there weren’t comics in a comic fair. Here my partner while is buying from the author a comic that I don’t like at all about a fat panda… Instead I bought a Belgian/French school comic about airplanes in the WWII. I have got a better style of life…

The next appointment for comics is in autumn here in Rome and a month after there will be the Lucca madness. Instead, wargaming speaking, the next appointment is Hellana, this Sunday. I will be present with Ferrum et Gloria.


Magnetic tape by Tiger

Vikings strike back again! Tiger is a sort of Ikea from Denmark. They have got lots of stores around Europe, maybe you can find someone around you. However I live 400 meters from one of them. Well, they sold all those sort of things that could be useful at home, as boxes, decorations, spices, St.Valentine gifts, candies, toys, stationery, toothbrushes and so on… Among these items I found an adhesive magnetic tape. A little thin but I try it with miniature bases and it has a considerable attraction power. It is cheap, 3 euro each tape. Everyone is 3 meters long per 2 centimetres wide, as almost equivalent to a full A4 surface. I’m thinking to use it as magnetic strips on the bottom of the cardboard boxes where to store miniatures with metallic bases. Try it!


Indiegogo for Fantasy Warriors

From the Indiegogo announcement:

Fantasy Warriors, the fantasy miniature wargame, is finally going to be back on your tables!

The Indiegogo campaign should hopefully create the possibility to bring to you the new edition of this famous system, devised in the 1990 by Nick Lund and originally published by the famous Grenadier Miniatures firm.

This new edition updates pratically every aspect of the game, from rules to army lists, and creates a real world to stage your battles on.

The new edition is published by Mirliton, founded in 1983 by Stefano Grazzini.
The activity began with a series of Napoleonic ranges and finally covered pratically every age of the bellic history.

Mirliton is known worldwide among the players of wargames, collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
He now has a very large catalog of miniatures, accessories, books on military history and everything that can serve the passionate collector as the veteran player alike.

This year, recurring the 30th anniversary of its foundation, Mirliton wants to celebrate with a new edition of this prestigious wargame, an edition supervised and driven by the veteran player an Fantasy Warriors fan Massimo Brigandì.

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