And this one is the last report of GiocaPerugia 2013, the fourth. If I want to survive to this blog I think that I have to write briefer reports. I have so little time for all my things to do. On the list there are the Lucca and Ludica reports. However…

This is the Bizio team. They are the authors of this mega-luxory scenario for BattleSworn. This is a independent effort to propose an easy game to casual people. They chose these rules by Andrea because they are very immediate to learn. Moreover BattleSworn possess original mechanics, no measurement necessity, and an engaging way to develop your game strategy.

The main modeller is a little crazy because he spent so much time to built it and its details. Under here the two dice towers!!!

But this is only the start. They are thinking to expand the model with another terrain module to duplicate the gaming area. Maybe it will be ready for the next Hellana at the end of March. In the following photos some details of the playable scenario. Enjoy.

A final statement on GiocaPerugia. The location was great and unique, but moist. With more people could be dangerous because this dungeon is very narrow and without exits. But Perugia people is a bit lazy: we could have more public because with university this city is full of young people that could be interested in various gaming forms. Or they are too much absorbed only by study, drugs and sex. In the reverse order too. Well, it was an open convention so the hardcore wargamers were a bit misplaced. However I had: fun, not so much sleep (I am dominated by motormouth gaming ideas by Andrea), an opportunity to meet other people from our players community. Moreover there were some cosplayers, even if partially frozen, and other events. Maybe in a period far from Lucca and Ludica Roma this GiocaPerugia will be better for us. I think I will be here the next year.