Let’s start again with Lucca Comics and Games report! Yeah, I know: all this was two months and half ago. But it is still interesting according to me. To restart we can begin with a photo of the evening before the fair, the stands set up.

Then a view on the public crowding that was for the 4 days after.

The fair was mainly held inside pavilions around the city of Lucca. A map and a printed guide (or an app for tablets) was needed to find all the numerous places where something was. You had to show your ticket every time you entered a pavilion.

Someone could share one ticket with a friend, to see the fair one a the time. Very hard, especially for some larger areas! Some are free areas, like cosplay and music ones or live roleplay pavilion. So you could live the fair for a day without paying at all. A lot of things to see around.

A couple of churches were used as exposition area or as auditorium, like this one.

Cinema was present too, especially for anime or sci-fi films. Guess which preview was held in Lucca…

Instead only a teaser for the new Godzilla flick. Look carefully: Godzilla is the monster behind Andrea, it is not Andrea’s new career as actor…

When stands and pavilion were not enough: temporary stores! Some were empty for the economical crisis, others were converted only for those days. A sign said: “we will return as usual after the fair”.

This one is the biggest pavilion, the games pavilion! We were inside this one at the other end. Look carefully, it is composed by two large tents, a double structure.

An inside look. A bit crowded. Think, we lived in this mess for 4 days!

Outside the pavilion there is this traditional illegal market. Magic cards at most. The walls of Lucca on the right part. And on the walls other pavilions. In the bottom the stage for cosplay contest and for music spectacles.

Lucca was initially only “Comics” and a few of people. After some years they thought to add another area, the “Games” one. At that times this meant few tables and stands more. 20 years after, in the 2013, the fair is exploded so games are not so crucial but part of a great mess. And the Games pavilion is huge.

As usual no photo of comics in my reports. Sorry, but I am attracted by unusual things while shooting photos. Like this one, a 3D advert for books about zombies.

Last year that was a exhibition on Diabolik. This character is an institution in Italy. Today you can have even its umbrella…

Some originals could be found in the fair. These ones are from the States. I like Ashley Wood very much but these are doodles sold as precious things. 100 US dollars for something that he drew in 10 minutes with a marker pen is too much.

An usual feature was the presence of vendors with gadgets. A very coloured view.

Sometime instead of common gadgets there is something more creative and handcrafted as these puppets.

What remains after 4 days. Boxes on the way for home. However it seems that business went very well for vendors, better than the previous year.