Since the explosion of the fair in the streets of Lucca (before it was inside an indoor sports arena, then with some pavilions added out of it) we have a palace dedicated to Japan stuff. It is called Japan Palace and this is the queue to enter in it!

Thanks to organisation I had a staff pass so I could enter quickly. Inside, on courtyards and two storeys, various stands related to Japan in various ways. Here a view at the 9 o’clock in the morning, at the opening. After It was almost impossible to walk.

A well known vendor specialised in kwai dresses.

More traditional stuff, but with a sexy touch. Japanese people love Italy, Italians love Japan.

Kokeshi. They are very cute.

Traditional Japanese curtains but with cats instead of humans.

Japanese sexuality is more complex than Italian and Occidental ones. They seem as perverts to us.

However these paintings are very beautiful. Next year we will have something different for this place because of overcrowding. Maybe there will be even a Japan district…