Paradisiac opportunities for photographs and lovers of beautiful girls: cosplay. I like the costumes but I have to admit that I love beautiful girls too. It is a matter of nature, it is harder than my will. However, every costume is photographed a lot of times, cosplayers take photos of other cosplayers, it is a general costume show.

If it is true that male photographers love girls in costume, it is alike true that female photographers love males in costume.

There is a plaza where cosplayers meet themselves. If you want to see them here it is the place where only you have the wrong dress.

Someone remains hours along a wall so people can take a photo of theme.

I always wonder of wings and how to move with them in the streets.

Cosplay walk is on the walls. But usually they don’t put themselves on the floor.

Someone took an holiday…

Ambassadors of an ancient cult…

Genial costume from Conan by Miyazaki!

Another try of the same costume.

Akira and his motobike. A costume with a customized bike! Behind, a stroller…

Men dressed like a girl are always fun. And with a beard you can be funnier.

A costume with a lamppost included.

And this one is the stage where musical shows and the cosplayers contest were held. 1600 people were inscribed to participate to the contest… lots more were walking around in the fair.