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Upcoming: La Storia per Gioco II

Sunday there will be the second edition of a wargame convention organised by my mate Narciso, “La Storia per Gioco” (History for games). It will be during a local country festival about asparagus agricultural production. We have programmed a mega-game for Of Gods And Mortals, and other games will be played. I hope to visit some archaeological and historical sites too. Food will be not a problem…

A full report on these pages. More information here:


Japan anime/manga news

Some important news that I want to share about my all time favourite Japan anime/manga series: Gundam, Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell. And about a big lizard.




We are arrived to the 35° anniversary of the first Gundam transmission on television. Among other celebrations and anime, the greater news is a new anime series divided in four parts about the years before the events of the first series. It is called Origin and it is adapted from the manga of the same name.




It was a long time that we don’t hear news about this great series. Now they have thought to propose a live action version. It is a retelling of the same story with real actors but they changed uniforms look and something. 13 episodes on television and a film in 2015.




It is ongoing the new Ghost in the Shell series called Arise. It is composed by four parts and two of them are released as it is. It focuses on early years of the Section 9, its creation. And the Fuchikomas/Takikomas have got a new primitive look and colour: red.




And now something always from the Japan but this time produced by USA. A little different than the crap made by Emmerich…

All things that I will watch in the following months and years…


Pabogel 2014

My third time in Pa.Bo.Gel., a food fair for restaurateurs. I have got a free access but the entrance was 30 euro. Ovens, exposition fridges, pizza, fried, croissants, ice creams, beer, main dishes,… The great thing was the free great food for everyone at bulimic rates!!!

A pizza association without interruption took out pizza of the oven. Many other stands produced pizza for free. But you could find other food kinds. They were advertising ovens, schools, supplies for restaurants or restaurateurs associations.

The quality was overall because they are from the top of their class. Some contests were in action, like this one with a quaint quality jury.

Some chaps just entered in the fair saw this automatic machine for pizza and said:”great, a pizza to eat now for only one half euro”. They still didn’t know that in the fair they could take a bath with pizza…

A couple of elder people systematically filled up three bags with free food for the following days. Likewise I was with a mate of mine, eating what we could. But at the end, when people offered spontaneously more food to us, we declared a defeat. More and we could collapse.


Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Some days ago Ganesha Games released a new edition of the post-apocalypse rules Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Some tweaks to the rules, some new rules, new format and new art. Digital version available for free to owners of the first edition, at a small price for the rest of the world. In a few days even the printed one will be ready.


Of Gods And Mortals – the website

This is not an April fool! Instead a new resource is available at this address:
It is the Of God And Mortals website! I made it, it is approved by Osprey Publishing and it is cured by Andrea Sfiligoi, the author of these mythological wargame rules. You can find on it: news about the game, game reports, miniatures and so on. And all the new materials to play: new pantheons (Inca, Japanese, Pre-Islamic Arabic so far, in the following Roman, Vudu, Aztec), more characters for the pantheons in the book (Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Norse), tournament rules, Q&A, errata, a datasheet list builder and what we will think to add in the future. It is the website to support this engaging game with updated materials and news. Follow it and play with OGAM!