My third time in Pa.Bo.Gel., a food fair for restaurateurs. I have got a free access but the entrance was 30 euro. Ovens, exposition fridges, pizza, fried, croissants, ice creams, beer, main dishes,… The great thing was the free great food for everyone at bulimic rates!!!

A pizza association without interruption took out pizza of the oven. Many other stands produced pizza for free. But you could find other food kinds. They were advertising ovens, schools, supplies for restaurants or restaurateurs associations.

The quality was overall because they are from the top of their class. Some contests were in action, like this one with a quaint quality jury.

Some chaps just entered in the fair saw this automatic machine for pizza and said:”great, a pizza to eat now for only one half euro”. They still didn’t know that in the fair they could take a bath with pizza…

A couple of elder people systematically filled up three bags with free food for the following days. Likewise I was with a mate of mine, eating what we could. But at the end, when people offered spontaneously more food to us, we declared a defeat. More and we could collapse.