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Still playtesting in Terni

Still a day in Terni by train, still with an extensive playtest for upcoming Power Legion rules. What to say more? We are tweaking some mechanics but the core rules are established. The real challenge is to adapt our usual skirmish way of fighting with something more fluid and dynamic in the style of comic books. Those guys are unpredictable and capable of a lot of things against law of physics. Throw cars is an usual way to hit from afar…

While you can watch my brilliant combined action by Wonder Woman and Batman, I can add that in the afternoon, after gnocchi with pesto, salted vegetables from Andrea’s kitchen garden tossed by wine must, and a puff cake with apples and raisin, we tried some new mechanics for Project RS that will see the light the next year.


Last day and half to the end of this Kickstarter project. They have improved the look of their modules to compose the arena. In this way you can obtain an arena with a real decent look! I suspect that they showed before only rough prototypes. Bad move in my opinion. Now it express more potential.

An “only walls” version is available too. In this way is more easy to play because with all the full structure it is difficult to move the miniatures. In this way the arena seems a biscuits tin arena, even if larger but more frangible.

There a lot of stretch goal still locked. They aren’t unnecessary, they are necessary to give a better look at all! So if they will be locked how could we see them realised? Here the modules available to compose your mdf arena. I only disagree with the rough form of wooden terraces and with some other aesthetic and not so historical choices.
Pledge here before it will be too late:


Popoli del Grande Verde – the open

DBA 2.2 still lives! Another tournaments here in Rome organised by me and Diego. It was in the “open” formula, otherwise a match that don’t count for the Italian championship rank. Only few chaps were in the shop where we played because of the advancing Summer feel and family duties. However we had fun the same and we were more relaxed.

I wrote a complex scenario about Sea People period, with new stats and rules for HCh and LCh, and new terrain kind and displacement. Only 5 lists and almost all was well-balanced. I’m proud of myself… However I think to change something for the real tournament in September that we will play at the same shop but hopefully with 12/14 people. Here the dedicated webpage for the scenario:


Gladiator arena by Kickstarter

Another Kickstarter proposal: a modular gladiator arena! You can add which modules you want. The choice is among wooden or stone terraces, and some modules have doors or peculiar features. There is an imperial podium too. A 8 section arena, a circular one, is labelled 60 quid, an elliptic one made by 10 section is 75 quid, a longed one by 12 section is 90 quid. The ground is available with patterns according to popular gladiatorial game rules. I remember you that with Ferrum et Gloria you don’t need hexagonal or squared ground because there is free movement in the style of other Ganesha Games rules.

MDF is the new material for scenic objects on wargame tables. It is lighter and cheaper than resin, and the objects are not a single closed block but something that you can handle inside. So this proposal is something that follow actual tendencies. It is good, so you can have your huge arena for 28mm figures at a reasonable price. My only concern is about the style of some modules: they don’t know how a real arena was, indeed. Moreover, I wish a step system for the terraces but here there are only unnecessary doors and decorations. Pity! The idea is really great, the realisation is not so great. A more detailed study and attention on real arenas and this stuff would be the definitive arena. However now is maybe the best area that you can buy on the market. After some customisation it will be better. Pledge here:


Project Pantheon 1: Odin

A new kickstarter by Oathsworn Miniatures. This time for a Odin on Sleipnir in 28mm heroic scale. This one will be the first of a new miniature line about gods. They are planning to propose more gods for Of Gods And Mortals. In the first stance phase they will produce Norse gods as Thor, Loki, Hel, Tyr. And legends as Geri and Freki, and Huginn and Munin. After something about Greeks, Egyptians and Celts.
Pledge at


Suitcase arena

Alongside our space at the fair in Macerata there was this open wooden suitcase with a gladiator arena modelled inside. All in 20mm scale. Look at the terraces and the fences. A fine work of art.


OGAM tournament in Macerata

More on the modelling fair in Macerata. On this post the focus is on miniature soldiers. In the photo you can find my mates Diego & Diego while they are looking for something to buy…

Some games were played around us. Here even a dungeon.

In the fair there was a chap that sculpt some lovely miniatures, but he didn’t know the world outside his region. Pity, he has great possibilities.

During these occasions you can found the same people from our circle, the vendors that trip around to sell wargaming related stuff. This is the lunch of the first day, before the opening of the fair. A fast but surprisingly good meal. Moreover that night our friends, that organised the fair, brought us to a wonderful restaurant on the hills around. Not so good the day after for the food, but the third day, in Col Fiorito on the way to home, we ate at an inn that we will remember for years to come.

Here our stand in the fair. A game of A Fistful of Kung Fu to refresh the rules in our minds.

Chillemi publisher’s stand. Speaking about some future collaboration.

I haven’t photos about the Of Gods And Mortals tournament. I have only this one about the winner of the third place, that curiously look as me. Even this year I have earned a cup, I can be pleased for the 2014.


Salone del modellismo – Macerata

We crossed Apennines to go to a modelling fair in Macerata for two days. It was inside a larger fair about second hand and vintage objects.

Large halls and a lot of things to buy. The modelling part was the widest that I personally ever saw in Italy.

Among models I found these two Zaku dioramas. I like them a lot.

A modelling contest for various categories was held in the fair. Here some of what I think is the best.

Germany navy.

Italian navy: motorboat with explosive charge inside.

Three Italians tanks in Africa.

Picchiatello, the Italian Stukas.

Reenactors about Italian war in Africa.

More helmets.

There was space for various kinds of rc models.

From these photos you could believe that all was inside only a structure, instead these were three, one covered and closed (where we were), one covered, one half covered.

I bought only a couple of coins for my collection and four little cars. We were not so interested in other things, we are more miniatures oriented than generic vintage objects. But on the way to home we stopped to Col Fiorito to buy some cheese, lentils and beans. We wished to visit more the surroundings but hast is a bad mate, so we visited only where we sleep (a very little rural hamlet with a huge and ancient knight templar church built over pre-Roman sacred site), roads among hills and mountains, the fair, and good and bargain restaurants. We saw the Adriatic sea too.