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I’m moving toward Terni by train. Then toward Lucca by Andrea’s car. Then four days of madness in the comics (and games, and cosplay, and whatever…) convention of the year, the third in the world as presences (264454 confirmed visitors in 2013, but more if you calculate the free areas; the city of Lucca has 87467 habitants). I will be present with the paperback of Ferrum et Gloria, after four years in the making. See you in Lucca Comics & Games 2014! Game pavilion (Carducci), near Miniature Island, S11 stand.


Ismahell 06 I-C

3Evan is a model makers and wargamers Italian team that we met at Lucca C&G convention. We are thinking to work together on something. I bought a mecha sculpted by them for their Epoque rules. I thought that resin could be easy to handle. Moreover, could be intriguing the using of special effects by Vallejo ranges as “Metallic Medium”, “Crackle Medium” and “Pigment Binder”. So I was too much confident and I made a lot of mistakes. I painted all one time, applied great decals and than I had to dissolve all due to ugly varnishes results. So I repainted all and applied not so great new decals. When I assembled all I discovered that some pieces had to be modelled by hot water for a better shape, and pivots were needed if you wanted to don’t pose it in a fixed way. This is called preliminary assembling by REAL modellers…

If you are more skilled and smart than me, you can buy these great models here:

However this is my result… Urban camouflage and some rust. Better than I expected after all my mistakes…


Rufina 2014

An expedition of the Ganesha Games team (I and Andrea) towards Rufina, a wargame convention on the hills at the east of Firenze. Inside a villa.

Our vendor stand.

My display game.

This is my biscuits tin arena with cork walls. Small but very beautiful. And with a little of drama added.

On the right side of the villa the open area for wargames.

From Macerata this scenario with Englishmen versus Indians.

Fight on the sands to determine the right name of God.

Italians in Africa to build an empire.

The theme of Salute 2015: Agincourt.

A radio controlled tank in 1/6 scale.

A model of Italians in Africa in 1942. During this convention there was even a modelling show.

A diorama with Russians.

Naval modelling.

A beautiful German ship.

A german submarine with interiors. Have you ever watched Das Boot?


Romics: Autumn 2014

With Autumn, Romics came. This is the second annual edition of the Roman convention about comics and cosplay, with games added. We haven’t a table because people is not interested in wargame but cards games as Magic. Sometimes you can spot Warhammer. Cultural issues are not contemplated, all is about comics and gadgets vendors. Cosplay is the only thing that provides huge hordes of people (more than 100000 presences?) in this far land outside Rome. But to be free from the crowd we visited the fair only the first day, Thursday, so we couldn’t see lots of naked girl around.

Japan is worshipped in every form. Here one of stands with Japanese blades (but made in China and sold though San Marino state). At the end a ramen shop. However this Romics edition will be remembered as the one with 28 people intoxicated by rotten sushi sold in the fair.

A vendor specialised in coloured wigs. Yes, we are in a comics fair…

“Mommy, I want the RedSkull bust!”. And the vendor eats a panino with roasted pork (porchetta).

Some toys prototypes. Ma.K.s!

This time was present the local 1/6 action figures maker called Kaustic Plastik.

A new gladiator set in the box was presented as preview.

Their 1/6 real metal helm collection. I bought the secutor one and one of the legionary types.

And now another kind of action figures. Big breasts here.

Other fine imports from Japan.

And if you don’t understand, more Japan porn for you…

We met our friends of Elara, sci-fi editors. And after we visited the film area, where we viewed a trailer of the upcoming Doreamon film. It is like the anime but in 3D. I want to watch it!

In the late afternoon, under a raining sky, we proceeded toward the Ikea near my house to buy a new large bookcase for Andrea’s miniatures.


Ferrum et Gloria paperback is arrived

I’m very happy 🙂 Today is arrived the paperback at Andrea’s house. This is the first printed edition of the rules. Tomorrow Andrea will in Empoli in a wargame convention and people can buy the book as preview. Official presentation will be in Lucca, the games and comics event of the year here in Italy (230000 participants). Sorry, at the moment only paperback edition in Italian language. The pdf in Italian will be available after Lucca. The translation in English language will be available before Christmas.


Merchandise for Ferrum et Gloria

We started a new products line for Ganesha Games. We are utilising the international vendor called Zazzle to produce merchandise using graphics from our games. We opened a store with Ganesha Games products. Shipments are from various nations in the world at bargain prices. Every purchase on this site support Ganesha Games and helps us make more games. More merchandise is on arrival.

We have an entire line dedicated to Ferrum et Gloria. As this mug with scissor vs retiarius. Toast to your victories, or have your opponents for breakfast with this two-tone mug (maroon interior – the colour of dried blood!).
Moreover buttons or magnets with the book cover. Wear this button before entering the arena! The crowd will cheer and you will look stylish. And place the magnet on your fridge to keep fresh your meal for champions.

And a t-shirt with the logo. The dark red colour will hide your wounds allowing you to deal the final blow to your opponent.

Direct links: mug, buttons, magnets, t-shirt.


OGAM: Ragnarok

Odhinn, Thorr, Loki, Surtr! We played a new scenario for OGAM based on Ragnarok, the final battle between Norse Gods and the forces of chaos. We were with our friends from Macerata at RomaGioca. Previously we played this scenario during my and Diego’s birthday. Since then I discussed with Diego for tweaking some dynamics. So this time we had something better. This scenario will be in the next issue of Talespinner magazine. Here some photos took during the game. Miniatures and terrain from various makers.


RomaGioca 2014

This wargame and boardgame convention changed shape, place and organisers. Now it is 2014 and it is called RomaGioca. We are in Rome, obviously, even if this part of Rome in placed in an unknown nowhere, according to where I live. But were here a lot of familiar faces, vendors and local clubs. Photos stolen principally from Diego’s camera and Pino D’Aprile’s facebook page.

We were present as Ganesha Games with PowerLegion and OGAM: Ragnarok.

Valentino Del Castello and his Far West game.

A boat race game by ARSM.

A large display game setted in Afghanistan with Italian forces. Unprecedented huge availability of Italian modern miniatures and vehicles.

From our friends from Macerata a scenario setted among trappers and Indians.

Legio Gemina reenactors.

Some Vikings reenactors too. They smiled a lot when they saw our Ragnarok set. On the next post…