This wargame and boardgame convention changed shape, place and organisers. Now it is 2014 and it is called RomaGioca. We are in Rome, obviously, even if this part of Rome in placed in an unknown nowhere, according to where I live. But were here a lot of familiar faces, vendors and local clubs. Photos stolen principally from Diego’s camera and Pino D’Aprile’s facebook page.

We were present as Ganesha Games with PowerLegion and OGAM: Ragnarok.

Valentino Del Castello and his Far West game.

A boat race game by ARSM.

A large display game setted in Afghanistan with Italian forces. Unprecedented huge availability of Italian modern miniatures and vehicles.

From our friends from Macerata a scenario setted among trappers and Indians.

Legio Gemina reenactors.

Some Vikings reenactors too. They smiled a lot when they saw our Ragnarok set. On the next post…