We started a new products line for Ganesha Games. We are utilising the international vendor called Zazzle to produce merchandise using graphics from our games. We opened a store with Ganesha Games products. Shipments are from various nations in the world at bargain prices. Every purchase on this site support Ganesha Games and helps us make more games. More merchandise is on arrival.

We have an entire line dedicated to Ferrum et Gloria. As this mug with scissor vs retiarius. Toast to your victories, or have your opponents for breakfast with this two-tone mug (maroon interior – the colour of dried blood!).
Moreover buttons or magnets with the book cover. Wear this button before entering the arena! The crowd will cheer and you will look stylish. And place the magnet on your fridge to keep fresh your meal for champions.

And a t-shirt with the logo. The dark red colour will hide your wounds allowing you to deal the final blow to your opponent.

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