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Fightin’ Fungi is live!

Fightin’ Fungi is a stand-alone rulebook based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game (SoBH). Gamers who are new to the rules will find an award-winning, complete, easy to use system which lets you play a battle in 45 minutes to an hour, and a mini-campaign or tournament in a long afternoon. Old fans of the game will find enough new materials for them to expand and bring new elements to their existing games of SoBH. Completely back-compatible with other SoBH books, Fightin’ Fungi will include Reactions (an action system which lets a force interrupt the opponent’s turn whenever a foe misses a Quality roll), optional weapon rules to represent flails, long weapons and so on, and a bolt-on spell system which can be used instead of the less detailed magic system of basic SoBH. Full stats for all mycological figures and a few suggested opponents (invading humans, neighboring wood elves and the ever-present goblinoids) will be provided so new and old gamers can start playing immediately.

Fightn’ Fungi is also the Ganesha Games first entry into producing a line of unique, high quality, metal miniatures for use with the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game. These miniatures will also appeal to miniature collectors, and definitely be of use in RPGs and other tabletop wargames.
The first range is a race of mushroom men and their fungi inspired creatures and minions. If the initial funding goal is achieved, Ganesha Games will be able to produce the first six harbingers of mycological mayhem. These miniatures have already been sculpted and are just waiting to go into production.

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Legio Palatina reunion

Every year we try to meet with members of our club Legio Palatina who live outside Rome. Festivities brought Luca from London and Paolo from Switzerland, together with Narciso from nearer Canino. This time we officially accepted new members: Gabriel and Jack are our younger generation. Locals are me and Diego.

Stuffed with panettone, butter biscuits and chocolate, we played an Afghanistan scenario with rules by Narciso, previously used during Lucca Games. Our table was too small for the huge quantity of polystyrene houses crafted by Narciso, so we kept another equivalent city in the boxes. Real house provided by Diego, instead.

Infidels were taken by white hair, Talibans by children. Sugar and fat excess in blood and juvenile impetuousness made a confused play. More a cavalry charge with automatic weapons than an urban fight. Moreover I killed my troops with an hasty advance, but some lucky throws hit my enemies.

At the end a draw and pizza for all. To the next year.


Legio Palatina blog

Do you know I have got another blog? Legio Palatina is the name of my gaming club. We play DBA at most, but we were playing at tournaments with SDS and Anticamente. Well, after a lot of years without a proper website, but a lot of mini websites for tournaments organized by us, some time ago I created a space for our activities, in a blog form. Or better, for our past activities: I was writing posts about our history, starting from 2002! I have got photos and remembers to fill up the posts. It’s a strange blog, it is speaking only about the past at moment. I have put in it materials until the end of 2004, and I wanted to slowly proceeding towards the following years. But I had other things to think as Ferrum et Gloria. So I postponed the duty. However it is beautiful to think about what you did. We appear a bit younger and slimmer in those moments. I think I will appear younger on the pictures of this month of 2014 when I watch them in 2024 or so.

The Legio Palatina blog is in Italian language, my mother tongue, to show our things better than my maccaroni English. There are a lot of pictures, maybe you can have fun even if you can’t read the words. And there is always Google translator…
For the blog, look here.


Happy New Year!

Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past. 6th year of blogging about miniatures and life. Like every year I read the last year statements and I found what I was thinking about new targets. Something is waiting to see the light since a lot of years, and more ideas and projects are born in the meantime. However in the 2014 I published my gladiatorial rules, Ferrum et Gloria. And this is a great thing. Now I’m working to the English translation (out in March?) and to book 2 and 3 of the rules. I hope to obtain the Italian version of book 2 for Lucca 2015. I have to produce more things as OGAM supplements and other Ganesha Games rules. My work is mainly to playtest things and support Andrea to publish them. I hope to see Song of Spear and Shield ready because we are working on it since 3/4 years. In January we will run our first Kickstarter and I put a lot of efforts in it. And in 2015 we have to achieve three new books for Osprey, ready for 2016. My new Viking rules have to wait 2016 or more.
In 2015 I wish to participate to wargame conventions in Italy (Milano, Agliana, Macerata, Roma, Empoli, Lucca,…) and England (Salute). Instead DBA tournaments are not my priority. As holidays another visit in Umbria. And a lot of long train trips to visit my fiancée.
My lead mountain is smaller than last year due to big efforts to paint what lied in the dust. A new smartphone with a new camera in January, so better photos in the blog. Maybe in 2015 I will buy a personal house. But I will be alone or together with another person in it? Only time will tell. Happy New Year!