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Last two days for a full dwarves army

Some new sets of dwarves were made. These are unit commands and you can build an entire army of dwarves if you pick up the DWARF ARMY pledge: 60 models for $250. You can use them for something bigger than a skirmish game as Kings of War or Warhammer battles. But hurry because these are the last hours to make your pledge before the end of the Song of Blades: Hammer and Forge kickstarter.


Freebies for the dwarves kickstarter

We are almost at the end. Here only a reminder with some freebies available at some pledge level or if you jump 3 days before the last moment. To know what you can obtain with the “time sensitive bonus miniatures” read here:


Last week! We have reached almost $34000 and more than 370 backers. We think that these last days will be wild for the pledges increases because this is the last chance to pick up miniatures at bargain prices. Free miniatures are increasing their weight. And what is totally available is almost definite. Now is the turn of pledges about Hobgoblins. Some stretch goals will be reached before the end. Watch here what could be available during these days.


These are some sketches made by Andrea Sfiligoi as new cover for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. The definitive cover will be ready in the following days. In the meantime the kickstarter is with 362 backers who pledged $28690 at 12 days to go.


Advanced Song of Blade and Heroes (ASOBH) is the version of the rules that you found in Fightin’ Fungi so it is the same as basic SOBH but it adds:
1) reactions
2) special rules to simulate weapons and shields, e.g. Block, Long Reach, Flail, etc
3) a detailed spell system with 30+ spells

Supplements will add specific subsets of rules. For example, Hammer and Forge will add Runecasting, some weapons, and a few more wall spells. Leaf and Arrow (Elves) will add different types of bows and special Arrows. And so on.

Each supplement is a larger full color book (which takes a lot of time to illustrate and pageset) so they will retail for around $10 but be around $8 in the kickstarter and in some pledge tiers it will just be bundled with figures.

Standard SOBH will continue to be printed and supported. It is not outdated: it is just a bit less detailed.

Each ASOBH book will add hundreds of profiles. Special rules are called Traits in ASOBH. The point system is the same. Advancement rules are narrative based in ASOBH. Alternatively, use SDG.

ASOBH books will be self contained. Meaning that with that book and ASOBH you can play without needing any other book. You have profiles, factions, all special rules needed for the profiles, a setting and simple advancement rules. In the case of Fightin’ Fungi, the ASOBH rules are in the Fightin’ Fungi book so you do not need to buy ASOBH.

All ASOBH books ideally come with their own range of miniatures and a map of a small area of the ASOBH world, also used as a location for Tales of Blades and Heroes rpg products.

The background is designed to let you play any figures you already have with minimum hassle. It is deliberately left vague so you can weave your own narrative in the world without “breaking” anything. Use of the game world is optional.

It is a highly magical, high fantasy world where competing gods created competing races. We will have classic races (orcs, elves, etc) but also unusual ones (fungi folk, mothmen). We will also do large monsters and steampunk/clockwork cultures, fey creatures and so on. It is a varied setting and there is an in-background reason for this “menagerie of cultures” approach.

The world will be revealed one little step at a time. When we have enough maps, we will put them together and release a large continent map. All will lead to a big war campaign when we have Armies and Hordes. But this will take years.

We have two professional fiction writers on board to write novellas set in the game world. Appendices in the novellas will “start up” any spell, monster or character used in the story. We will use kickstarter to gauge interest in these products. Novellas will be available in pdf, mobi, epub and paperback.

Is this enough?
And for more detailed news go to a free pdf where you can find all the differences between SOBAH and ASOBAH:


Dwarves miniatures by Ganesha Games

The new Ganesha Games’ kickstarter after 9 days is with 312 backers and $24091. So we are with 4 stretch goals reached and another one only $1000 away. The big news is that the project is EU friendly by an English caster. But this must be still officially announced. In the meantime you can see here which dwarves miniatures are available in the kickstarter. If you like them pledge here:


We need a name for the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes game world. The name must be original and suggestive. It can be a made-up word, a portmanteau, or a word in a long-dead language that sounds cool.

Your entry should be sent by email at with the subject GAMEWORLDNAME typed in all caps. One entry per person. Text of email should include the street address of entrant so we know where to send your prize.

Send your entry by August 25th.

We will put together all entries on SurveyMonkey and run a survey through September 10th, 2015. The name with most votes will be officially used in all Song of Blades and Heroes and Tales of Blades and Heroes books.

Winner will receive a free, signed paperback copy of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes and a signed, full-color character illustration original painted by Andrea Sfiligoi.

In the meantime, the kickstarter is more than $22000 with 265 pledgers.


New Ganesha Games Kickstarter is live

The kickstarter is live! The new Ganesha Games book on dwarves is available as pledge together with a bunch of miniatures. It was funded ($9800 goal) already after three hours and half, and after only a day two stretch goal were reached! 200 backers! Now is number five on Kicktraq Today’s Top Ten! 28 days to go…

Look at this kickstarter and pledge what you can!