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How to destroy your Warhammer army

Watch how an army for Warhammer catch fire. At 8.30 start the flame.


Mycotic forms

To identify forms of the mycotic infection spread by international postal services, we are showing some examples with these mug shots. You can find the “book” form and the “miniature” form, here in a huge colony of heavy weight. Beware! Don’t pick parcels!


And now they are 46

Another birthday. I never have enough of these. Life is a good thing and it is great to add another full year to it.


Mycotic infection

I heard some voices about the start of a mycotic infection that will spread by international postal services during the June and July months. This disease will strike by means of fungus cultures based on these materials: lead, resin and paper. Beware!


Destruction and rebuilding

After a couple of posts about the building of an arena for your gladiators, now an update about the building of my new home. Refurbishing works are started. My mate Narciso designed a new house plan, even if we bumped in some snags. After I solved part of bureaucratic and financial problems with a lot of strive. So we passed to brick work.

Old partition walls were destroyed and new ones were traced.

Now we can imagine which will be the final spaces of the house. In the meantime old house features are overlapping with new ones in a weird mix of old and new. There is still a lot of works to do and money to spend. Who knows me say that now I am only speaking about money loss for all this. The goal is to have something fit to live in before Christmas. And we are still in Spring…


Arena du Fort Bastiani

Where have I seen this arena before? But it is a Playmobil arena! Instead of the full ring, here there is the choice to represent only the idea of the arena, building the scene for the play, utilising only three pieces for the walls and one piece for the terraces. The final aspect is very good, thanks to an added elliptic amphitheatre terrain and to a fine paint work. Easy to store and to transport. A further advantage is that with this system you have a lot of spare parts from the Playmobil set to built at least two more arenas! For a better view of the arena go to Fort Bastiani blog.


A printed arena

Some years ago someone realised a beautiful graphic work about the walls of a Roman arena. A trapdoor was added as special entrance for animals and gladiators. These walls look almost real, with a 3D effect, even if they resemble more the external of an arena than the inside walls. Through the Brabantini Yahoo group, a pdf file with these image was available to download. You could print it on paper, cut it to the wanted shape, glue it to card. Then your arena for miniatures was ready.


Battle of Tolentino 1815-2015

200 years ago, at the start of May, the Battle of Tolentino took place. Neapolitans versus Austrian, at the end of Napoleonic age, one month and half before the last act of Waterloo.
So for the celebration we went to this city to participate with our Ganesha Games stand in the model and wargame area. We were three days inside the castle (Castello della Rancia) where the battle was. A sort of mini-convention together with some friends of us, organised by the great local Marchigiano wargame club, ASM – Civitanova Marche.
Meanwhile around the castle a lot of reenactors camped and recreate some phases of the two days battle, as you can see on videos taken by Diego.

We were among cavalry charges, rifle volleys, cannons smoke and rumble. My only regret is that all was so realistic that I wanted to see some blood! This was the largest reenactment event that I ever see. At Waterloo this year there will be all this but ten times more. Awesome.

For what concern us, our area contributed at the event with wargame proposals on Napoleonic themes. As this luxury scenario by Bizio and company, a Song of Drums and Shakos skirmish combat. He is a great demonstrator and he made all this for entertain young people with wargame. In the photos you can see Diego too. He is not so young in aspect but young as mind…

And now some personal news. My photos are a little bad because I took them with my old phone camera. Here the glass and touch of my new smartphone. The accident was during Poggio Rusco event due to scarce knowing of my uniform possibilities… Now, after a 150 euro fixing up, it is as new. However during these days I had a series of unfortunate events: toothache, stomach-ache, bed bugs infestation at home, problems for the refurbishment of the new home, and more! I hope in better moments.