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Grey Aliens by Ganesha Games (almost)

A new kickstarter by Ganesha Games! Ops, I’m wrong, it is by Crossover Miniatures, an old mate of Ganesha Games. He produces 28mm superheroes miniatures and now he is realising another subject: aliens. They are small Greys and other are of insectoid kind. Moreover there are some human military squads that fight aliens.

Why are we speaking about Ganesha Games? Because together with the miniatures there are rules to play with them, that uses “Song of” engine applied to modern combat. So it is easy to learn if you know other games. Added to the engine you find specific features for the scenario and hidden alien movement with “ghost counters”. Campaign rules are supplied for longer games. To play you can use even other miniatures, because the game is not based only for this miniature line but you can use what you want. As in every Gamesha Games game.

The project has reached the money amount to start. Now it is time to pledge for more. It ends Sat, May 30. To know more go to:
U.F.O. Squad: Alien Invasion Minis and Skirmish Rules


Po River WWII Museum

Near Poggio Rusco, town where was the annual gathering of Italian paratroopers, there is the Po River WWII Museum at Felonica. After our duty we visited it. In this zone there was one of the last events of war, the withdraw of German forces with the passage of Po river, towards Alps. So a lot of materials were found and now they are exposed here thanks to volunteers work. Some things were hidden in mud, others were utilised by local people for civilian uses: military jackets as working suits, antiaircraft gun barrels as poles, Panther wheel as part of an agriculture machine.

German stuff. Note the photos that a fighter held in his pocket inside personal documents: one with the girl that wanted to marry, one with the girl that sold her services.

English stuff. Sten machinegun after mud.

United States stuff. The gangsters machinegun.

Italian stuff at the service of King George VI. A mix of Italian & English stuff for a member of “F” Recce Squadron.

Parachute, MAB and helmet for Operation Herring.

There are more interesting things inside the museum, as rare German uniforms or parts of a destroyed bomber. This is only a rapid review of what is available. It is not near usual tourist routes but it worth a visit.
To know more go to


Poggio Rusco 70 years after

Numbers that build anniversaries. 2015 less 70 years is 1945, the last year of WWII. So 70 years ago, in those same days, 19-23 April, the Operation Herring was accomplished by Italian paratroopers of the Kingdom of Italy. Paratroopers formations after the 8th of September split in two parts, one for Allies and one for Axis. Moreover in the South of Italy they regrouped in “F” (Folgore) Recce Squadron under English Army and Gruppo Combattimento Folgore under Italian Army. This operation was an airborne combat drop behind German lines. If you want to know more start with Wikipedia article here.

As member of Italian Paratroopers Historical Group, I participated to the annual gathering of Italian paratroopers, this time located in Poggio Rusco, one of the places touched by Operation Herring. Around was still evident the earthquake damage of May 2012. 3 years ago, another anniversary. In the countryside some houses demolished by earthquake or by time. Unwittingly following an alternative route with Google Maps on the smartphone, we passed through green fields in the flat Po valley, along narrow river banks, among water birds, in a place divided in three administrative regions. Very evocative.

My duty was as military picket to Paratrooper Association labarum, dressed as a member of Nembo Parachute Regiment, section of Folgore Combat Group. Parade along town ways, then gathering at the local stadium. Discharged and local people, for welcome addresses, speeches and remembrances. Soldiers of Folgore in service were striking. At the end a paratrooper drop, obviously.

Our reenactment group in the stadium, together with a paratrooper veteran, but of opposed side to what represent our historical uniforms. After the war, the two parts of paratroopers reconciled. So it is not a problem. As says the unofficial newsletter of Folgore in this post: Ah, photos are from this website.

The day before there was an homage to war memorial. Same uniform but with the jumpsuit. Another temperature level and extreme wind. There was a twinning with a French city too. And convivial meals and time together with friends. On the next post a visit to a museum near this place.


A Fistful Of Kung Fu for Origins

Each year the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design (AAGAD), presents the Origins Awards at the Origins Game Fair in June. The purpose of the Origins Awards is to reward excellence in game design. The Top 5 products in each category, as determined by the Academy Jury, are announced after the GAMA Trade Show in March. The Top 5 nominees are voted on by all members of the Academy. The Academy vote determines the winner of the Origins Award. The Top 5 products are also voted on by attendees of the Origins Game Fair for a chance to win the Fan Favorite award in each category. The winners are announced at the Origins Awards ceremony during Origins in June.

Do you know what and who is nominated in the category of:
Best Miniature Figure Rules?

□ Battletech: Alpha Strike Companion, edited by Catalyst Game Labs, designed by Ray Arrastia & Herbert A. Beas II

A Fistful of Kung Fu, edited by Osprey Publishing, designed by Andrea Sfiligoi

□ Golem Arcana, edited by Harebrained Schemes, designed by Jordan Weisman, Mike Mulvihill & Brian Poel

□ Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Set, edited by WizKids Games, designed by WizKids Games

□ Warhammer 40000, edited by Games Workshop, designed by Games Workshop Design Studio


Hardcore Days at Vort’n Vis

Before blogs there were other ways to speak about himself and passions. No instant messages, photos and videos, but typing, photocopies, glue and stamps. My first fanzine was published in 1989, I think. This one was in 1995. Obviously no wargaming issues but hardcore music, straight edge music exactly. All in English, but with the help of a friend of mine. At that time I knew English worse than now!

Some days ago a Belgian contacted me about a music festival in 1994. It was during the half of August. With two friends of mine I travelled in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium. Backpacks, hostels and one Interrail ticket, a free pass for trains in Europe. The 15th of August we were at Legoland in Denmark. A crucial stop over was at Vort’n Vis (Rotten Fish), a squat in Ieper, place famous for WWI battles. Three days of hardcore music and meeting with other people like us all around Europe. A life ago, but still some memories are vivid in my mind.

This chap is drawing up a complete historical review of all concerts in that place. He found my address and I scanned my materials about that period. Now these are published in his blog:
You can even see a photo of mine with an injured foot due not to stagediving or pogo but football in that narrow alley. After I continued my European travel despite bandages. I was younger, slimmer and with more hair.


Lucca C&G 2014: videos [part10]

Yeah, I know, Lucca Comics & Games was in November. However I think that these videos are beautiful because they show my preferred convention. So, while we are waiting the next November, we can watch what the past edition was. However there are exactly only 6 months from now to Lucca. So it’s time to think about what to do during those days. I hope I have some space for my wargame things. And usual gladiators are the same old thing. What to propose: or some new things as venationes or some new Ganesha Games game.

A view on cosplayers things, the most coloured aspect of the fair.

And this one is about wargames. Pity, there is not my personal area in it!!!


Romics spring: part 2

Another post for Romics 2015 spring edition. This one is dedicated only to statuettes and similar things. Sorry, no cosplay girls, they are more naked Saturday or Sunday. I visit the fair only Thursday. Here my friend Paolo with the present sensation about characters in a cute dolls format.

Kaustic Plastik was present with their last products. Pity, this time I have no money for this, but at the first opportunity I want to add a 1/6 gladiator to my personal collection.

Action figures for Ma.k.s. I need them. But more realistically maybe I could copy the idea of put nameplates under my 1/6 figures when I will realise their new installation in the new house.

In this showcase the best piece is the crossover between Doraemon and Captain America, two of my favourite comic characters.

An here Suppaman from Dr.Slump and Arale. A real superhero.

Statuettes, another form of comics fruition. And Japan ones are the most popular around.

A dark version of Rei Ayanami. I watched the anime films and I found them lacking of a logic in the storyline, so I can’t understand why they are so famous. However as imaginary are great.

Another crossover, but this time between cute girls, cute animals and cute WWII planes. Only Japanese minds could concept sometime like this.

Another Japanese passion: boobs. And something to give a strong character to your bookshelves.

More boobs.

Another vendor but same kind of boobs.

Boobs and something more.

Next Romics will be at the start of October.


Romics spring: part 1

The Roman comic convention Romics, spring edition. We went the first day as usual, a Thursday, taking a day off from work. It is the only way to avoid crowd. What is empty in these photos is full as a Roman public transport during other three days.

I’m a little sad because the first day only a few cosplayers are here. However you can watch the fair very better!

Dresses are a large part of the fair. Comics are only the motive for all is relate to them. Sometime who dress like a comic or a manga never read them, it is a concept that lives for itself.

Wigs are related to this world as if this would be a fair for hairstylists. It is not a scandal, it is the modern way to feel comics.

Japan dresses. Or better, something that can be taken for Japan dress. Japan is manga and anime. So this is the right place. Simple.

The ultimate match for your apparel. Select the best for you.

An innovation: a maid cafè! This is a group with female dancing waitresses too! An information booth was available for the fan club…

A Warzone cosplayer. This miniature game is still popular around.

Back to comics. Budget purchases were available around. I am attracted by ’70 comics, things that I couldn’t buy when I was a child because of small age and poor wage from parents.

Andrea was in Romics together with me. Two days after he went to Modena for the Italian game convention, Play Modena. Here while he is enjoying some original comic tables.

I said to myself that with an house I could buy some original to put on the walls. Now I have the house but not so much money to buy these things. And no free walls due to the large amount of books that I collected. Maybe after the refurbish works I will pick something…